Just now, Linyi housing provident fund loan quota mentioned 600,000, the second suite down payment ratio reduced to 30%

Linyi city second home minimum down payment ratio adjustment news caused continuous concern.On April 8, Linyi city adjusted the loan policy of housing provident fund, raising the loan from 500,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan;The down payment ratio of the second improved housing provident Fund loan will be lowered from 40% to 30%.The purchase threshold is reduced, the housing market to save the signal?This is widely believed to be the industry to save the signal, boost linyi property market confidence, the healthy development of the whole property market a positive voice.The policy adjustment is aimed at increasing support for housing consumption, the notice said.After the adjustment, if both husband and wife normally pay in full to the housing provident fund, the ceiling for the purchase of self-occupied housing loan will be raised to 600,000 yuan from the current 500,000 yuan.The upper limit of loans for “business to public company” loans and housing provident fund loans for single deposit employees will remain unchanged at 500,000 yuan.In addition, it is highlighted that for the second home improvement provident Fund loan, the down payment ratio will be lowered from 40% to 30%.Industry insiders believe that the adjustment of the mortgage down payment ratio will greatly boost market confidence and stable expectations, further reduce the threshold for residents to buy houses, further release real and reasonable housing demand, help promote the formation of a steady increase in the volume of prices, and promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry.Higher credit lines, lower down payments and improved housing demand have made it easier for families to get on the train.Mr. Cao and his family, a family of four, live in an old house of 110 square meters in the old city of Lanshan, not only with outdated facilities, but also with community quality.As the child grew older, the education, environment and comfort quality were high. A bigger house became Mr. Cao’s family’s wish.But considering the old house also has a loan, if buying a second home, the pressure is still quite big.Now, the down payment ratio for a second home can be reduced to 30%, which naturally lowers the threshold for buying a house, making it easier for families to improve their housing needs.In fact, after the year around the “stable property market” policy frequency.These include lowering the down payment, adjusting the provident fund policy, easing credit, attracting talents to subsidize house purchase, reducing deed tax and so on.Analysts believe that in view of the main tone of “housing is not speculation”, the general direction of subsequent real estate regulation should be “fully release residents’ housing demand”.Overall, provident fund policy adjustment to a certain extent to boost market confidence.(Lin Xiaoyi)

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