The college student got 438 points in the postgraduate entrance examination, but still failed to take the second exam. In order not to drag down his parents, he chose to work

Students with high scores will have to face the second test. Unlike the first test, there is no single standard answer, and it is unknown whether they can pass.In the Peking Union Medical College, he scored 390 points out of 331. Chen Xin broke the “only score theory” with his strength. During the undergraduate period, he published many papers.We successfully ashore candidates, attention is very high, a large number of candidates without the second test, also worth our attention, they will be where to go?Some candidates will not be willing to fight again.Some candidates have to face the reality, can only choose employment, they are sensible to let a person feel distressed, this examinee encountered this kind of thing, let’s have a look.It is reported that the student, studying in Tsinghua University, worked hard to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. The national line announced that he felt helpless, and the score line of count three was 140 points.Experienced person knows, count 3 is in graduate student examination mathematics, difficulty is relatively low, although such, take an examination of the examinee of 140 points very few, take an examination of 130 points have to be top achievement outstanding student, 140+ estimate must be “study god”.College students say that they come from an ordinary family, it has been very hard for him to go to college, his parents love him very much, as long as they want to continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination, even if the family will support.In order not to drag down their parents, college students choose to go to work. With the halo of famous schools and their own efforts, they believe that there will be a good way out and all roads lead to Rome.Postgraduate qualifying examination is the first hurdle to go ashore, high score students learning ability is strong, second-round exam pass rate is high, with the increasingly fierce competition, high examinee gap between small, through the scores and can’t explain the student ability is strong, therefore, like, a class of students Chen Xin preparations fully during undergraduate course, first try achievement is not very prominent, and ordinary Bunsen, ability more than the degree,The disembarkation rate is very high.Did not pass the initial test, the score is relatively high examinee, mostly unwilling, “almost”, thinking of another battle, perhaps it is good, in fact, the hope may not be big, direct employment is not a wise choice.Graduate student first test failed, what kind of examinee is not suitable to fight again?The examinee of the first test result is very poor, fight again also have no what hope, examinee do not waste time, drill a dead end, want to admit that not everyone is suitable to take an examination of grind, you are exactly one of them, know not to be, slant want to be, very unwise.High scores candidates were “brush”, do not impulse, family conditions are general, need to pay a greater price to spell a glimmer of hope, candidates will want to “is worth it”.The outlet of the examinee of famous school is relatively more, choose employment, the future is not poor, it is not quite suitable to fight again, enter the society earlier, accumulate experience, study for graduate student in the future, or very good.In addition to taking the postgraduate entrance exam, they do not know what they can do. It is better to wait for the entrance exam, which is basically equivalent to wasting time. They are irresponsible to themselves and their families.Learning is a popular application-oriented major, such as computer, mechanical manufacturing, etc., college students in the undergraduate period, to obtain high gold content of the qualification certificate, participate in the relevant technical competition, there is a good ranking, this kind of college students have technology in hand, do not worry about the job can not fight postgraduate examination.There is a class of college students, dare not face the cruel reality, thinking about how easy it is in the university, parents give money to spend, lead a natural and unrestrained comfortable, holding the attitude of dawdling, postgraduate entrance examination to stay in school, live day by day.The examinee that did not pass the first test, what outlet still can choose?This college student’s choice is worthy of praise, he can think of his parents, never give up their own, choose to work, ordinary college students will not make this choice.In fact, college students have not taken the preliminary test of postgraduate entrance examination, do not have to feel sad, your way out there are many, you can like this college student, directly to work, do a good job of career planning, capable college students, will not be buried.Or enter oneself for an examination for a national civil servant, although the national examination competition is extremely fierce, college students also want to try bravely, if did not take an examination of, but also can choose to take an examination of the editor, experienced people said, after landing to know how much “sweet” preparation, therefore, this is the way out of many ordinary college students counterattack.If it is a college student from a famous university, the examination of the public, the examination of the shore rate is very large, as long as college students willing to work hard, always in a certain industry shining, Tsinghua is our country’s top university, in recent years, more and more students choose to enter the system, the college student can have a try.College students who want to fight again need to think carefully and ask themselves, what is the motivation for fighting again?What are your future goals?What kind of results do you want?Make choices before you know who you are and avoid regrets.Do you support a college student’s choice to work directly instead of taking the postgraduate entrance exam?Leave a comment in the comments section.(Photo from Internet)

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