Chinese New Year mission 10 years ago revealed!Players spend half a month working on one thing

At once, the New Year is coming again, in a few days, our traditional festival is the Spring Festival approaching, in this celebrate day, nature is little not the blessings of a Chinese Odyssey 2, according to management, every year during the Spring Festival, a Chinese Odyssey 2 tasks of the Spring Festival is the highlight of the day, remember, the longest time span when the Spring Festival mission is?Yixin recently found a set of photos from the Chinese New Year mission campaign ten years ago, which is said to be the longest ever. Let’s take a look below.The Spring Festival mission more than 10 years ago is still worth remembering, I wonder if you have participated in the Spring Festival mission spanning from 2006 to 2007?The lunar New Year mission starts on February 15, 2007, and lasts until March 4, 2007, because February is not a leap year, so February has only 28 days.Has lasted for two and a half weeks, over the years the task activity cycle, almost in a week or so, and this year, the Spring Festival activities for three weeks, that is to say from the brother from years ago began to tasks, until after the Lantern Festival, estimates this year’s friends, every day there are busy not over of the task.Interestingly, the task of this year, a weird, pour out two lines, one line is to find Spring Festival couplets, the line to separate the four side quests, followed by looking for Spring Festival couplets, red lanterns, look for the red silk, red candles, including looking for Spring Festival couplets task burn right brain is very good, once the answer is wrong, will face an NPC pet.The task of finding the red lantern is more simple and rough. According to the tips, find the task NPC and kill it, which is to complete the task.However, Yixin found that in the mission of more than ten years ago, there seems to be no mention of single task, although looking for red silk scarf does not have to fight, but it is also relatively time-consuming, but also need to team up to find some fairy lost items.As for the quest to find the red candle, compared to some of the previous missions, it is much easier, this mission only needs the basic prompt to find an NPC to light a sacrificial incense to get the reward of the quest to submit items for exchange.However, the seemingly simple task, in that era without automatic navigation, if the captain is a road fool, or very blind.Had finished the first task, we’ll talk about the second task line, this is a Spring Festival couplets, lanterns, red scarves and find after the red candle, you can take these items find NPCS line on the second task, the task line, in the after submit to find items, mysterious old man will give into the hands of the captain a coloured glaze, this after obtaining the corresponding scene setting off fireworks,Something unexpected will show up.Area and the present task is similar to that of the Spring Festival, activities will be in changan east, datang, datang border, the east China sea fishing village, north LuZhou, above these scenarios, arrived at the scene of any one scenario, fireworks, will encounter, nien NPC will be struck, nien NPC will get a reward, only regret is that in the 2007 Spring Festival,The year of god beast has not yet been born, god beast is almost sold to cabbage price, compared with the difficulty of the task now, not a horizontal line, have to say, this Spring Festival task is very chewy, friends, what do you think?What wonderful Spring Festival activities have you participated in?Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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