Happy New Year to the one you care about most in life

Author: Xin Yue la shang has a kind of miss, it is the most beautiful watch in the fleeting years, the vicissitudes of life, I walk all the way, only to meet with you.Happy Spring Festival, to the people you care about most in life, time is in a hurry, in a twinkling of an eye, came to the Spring Festival.There are a lot of words to say to you, can only be far away, silently miss you.I really miss you, miss the past, think of what you said, think of the places we have been together.We are very good, but meet too young, have not really understand love.When we truly understand love, but we are no longer young.Youth is a pure smiling face, our memories are fixed in the moment of knowing each other.Happy New Year, to the love of life the most care about, how many tears flow for you, how much acacia, have been written in words, tell yourself to be strong, brave, everything will be better and better.In the future, I will take good exercise, read books carefully, and strive to become a better myself.Very like a poem: see gentleman, cloud hu does not like.In fact, WHAT I want is very simple, is to grow old with you in this world of fireworks.Quietly miss you, even blowing beside the wind has a bitter taste.Happy New Year, love life, chasing the life you want, no winter insurmountable, no spring will not come, I believe, everything will go well, everything will be happy.Sometimes, really want to find you, but afraid to disturb you.I think I can forget you, but I think of you in the most ordinary moment of life, only need a back, a name, or any familiar scene, these are telling me, I love you this is the truth, has never changed, there is no way to avoid.Because loved, so reluctant to forget you.If one day, I can meet you, I hope you have a good life, I still did not put down you, a heart is always worried about you.If one day, you think of the past, please remember to smile at the distance, time will remember the most true love.There is a kind of care, is a warm watch, you are not in my side, but has been in my heart.Sincerely give you, I can not accept back, if love can come again, I will not let go of your hand.However, everything can not come again, I will not forget you, because you have been engraved in my heart, generation after generation are reading you.Gently say, happy Spring Festival, wish you a year better than a year.Some people, just look at, but miss for a lifetime.Spring Festival arrived, we are thinking of you, you hold my hand, eyes closed will not get lost.You walked into my dream and never left.The passage of time, in accordance with the truth;The night is long and the stars are shining;Sincerely pray, wish you health and peace.Miss you thousands of times, you occupy my heart, after parting, just know missing a person, is such bitter.Do you know, in this world, there will always be a person, often roundabout about your news, want to know how you have been recently;There is always a person, the memories of you each other is more important than their own, reluctant to give up, forget.If not deeply in love, how can miss, if not too care about, how can again and again initiative.About you this matter, has become my longest lovesickness.The saddest thing in the world is to pretend that you are not in my heart when I can’t resist it.Happy Spring Festival, to the life of the most care about people, you are my head clouds, is my eyes brilliant flowers, is the only beautiful scenery I have seen, is also I have thousands of mountains and rivers.Love can not help but miss you, worried about you, since the moment we met, you are my day and night do not fall of the star.Later, I finally understand that there is a feeling in the world, can not be described in words, rough and sad.New Year, I miss my hometown and miss you more, because where you are, it is my hometown.Happy New Year to the one you care about most in life. Wish you a happy year of the Tiger and a bright future.

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