No. 6 Middle school art group of Jiujiang city held hangzhou teaching promotion training class achievement report exhibition activity

Jiujiang News network (Jiang Qian) learning is endless, live up to the spring.In order to further strengthen the construction of high school art teachers, comprehensively improve the level of college entrance examination teaching, improve the quality of professional classroom teaching, On April 6, Jiujiang no. 6 art group held hangzhou travel teaching promotion training class results report exhibition activities.Through observing the demonstration classes of famous teachers and carrying out in-depth communication activities, teachers broadened their horizon and opened their minds. No matter painting techniques, or the application of materials and tools, they have been greatly improved. At the same time, they have also understood their own shortcomings and aspects needing attention, and effectively improved their professional ability.After finishing the study, the teachers of the art group showed the training exercises in the art exhibition hall of Yifu Building, bringing an art feast for the teachers and students of No.6 Middle School.This activity further promoted the passion of the art group teachers in their teaching work, improved their professional quality and painting level, and also prompted them to make more scientific preparations for the sixth high school entrance examination.

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