Sputnik: Russia’s ambassador to the United States has lashed out at the United States for covering up genocide against Ethnic Russians in Donbas

Russia’s ambassador to Washington antonov said the United States has shown brazenness by denying the genocide of Russians in Donbas.Antonov’s statement, posted on the embassy’s Facebook page, said: “This is causing feelings of indignation and anger.What else to say about Ukrainian high-powered personnel firing volleys at populated areas?Or the ‘mass grave’ of nearly 300 civilians found near Luhansk, who died simply because they spoke Russian as their mother tongue?These atrocities were accompanied by the tragedy at Odessa’s Trade union House in May 2014, when dozens of the city’s unarmed residents were burned alive by neo-Nazi criminals who ultimately went unpunished.”According to the ambassador, this “goes back not only to double standards on the part of the US, but also to very crude brazenness.””Washington’s beautiful slogans about the highest values of human rights have proved worthless,” Antonov said.America’s main geopolitical goal is to push Russia as far east as possible.If so, the route of evicting the Russian-speaking population from their present place of residence should be pursued.So the Americans are not only willing to ignore attempts to forcibly assimilate Russians in Ukraine, but to do everything possible to indulge it through political and military support.”

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