Who overthrew the Qing Dynasty

The direct cause of the fall of the Qing Dynasty was Yuan Shikai, and the most fundamental was the xinhai revolution of the masses!1, The Qing Dynasty was overthrown by the Xinhai Revolution launched by the revolutionaries. Firstly, the Wuchang uprising launched by the revolutionaries was the direct trigger. Secondly, the Wuchang uprising contributed to yuan Shikai’s successful seizure of power.The Qing Dynasty was overthrown by the Revolution of 1911 launched by revolutionaries.The revolution of 1911 put an end to the feudal autocratic monarchy that had ruled China for two years.He established the first bourgeois republican government in Chinese history, which made the concept of democracy and republicanism deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people, and formed the nationalistic concept of “those who dare to be independent of the monarchy will be attacked by the whole world”.The Qing Dynasty was overthrown by Yuan Shikai and the monarchy was ended by Sun Yat-sen. There should be no doubt in history.Because the revolutionary party at that time did not have enough troops to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, and was in a state of disunity and chaos, its power was inferior to that of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.The overthrow of the Qing Dynasty was the start of the revolutionary Party, the constitutionalism later joined, Yuan Shikai received the work.This was due to the situation, which was better than people.

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