Let more Jin Xiaoyu be seen: Seeking the light behind bipolar Disorder through its shadow

Yuan Quan/Xinhua Daily “My son is a genius. He is now in a mental hospital. His mother just left today.”Recently, an article titled “Hangzhou man calls from funeral home: Can we write about our genius son” has gone viral.Behind this seemingly “unreasonable” request, the story of a family battling bipolar disorder for decades has brought countless readers to tears.The caller was Kim Sung-yong, the father of a man with bipolar disorder.His son Jin Xiaoyu, proficient in three languages, has translated 22 books and 7 million words in 10 years, covering the fields of novels, movies and music…The article not only introduced Jin to the “outside world,” but also got people thinking: What is bipolar disorder?What else can we do for the Kim Hyo-woo?”His mother and I were sitting on the sofa one day watching TV when there was a big bang.Xiao Yu knocked down the refrigerator in the kitchen.This is the first time he’s been violent.”In Kim sung-yong’s own account, such a scene description makes one shudder.Why is the “destructive force” of bipolar disorder so strong?Cong En Chao, deputy chief physician of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, said bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme emotional disorder, and the core symptom is emotional dysfunction.When excited, the behavior is very active;Low, self-deprecation, self-reproach, and even self-harm…Characterized by recurrent episodes of mania and depression, they may also be mixed.The patient’s mood is like a pendulum, swinging out of control between excitement and depression, causing great mental pain.The school sent Him to the hospital because they thought he was drunk.I brought him home.I knew the boy was done with school.”The social and life challenges associated with bipolar disorder are a real “nightmare” for sufferers and their families, rather than the “destruction” of physical objects.Chen Zheng, attending physician of Shanghai Mental Health Center, introduced such a case to reporters. In October 2020, a 24-year-old woman named Wu was diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder due to abnormal behavior affecting her normal life.For a while, Ms. Wu was depressed and depressed all day, and insomnia became a common occurrence.In such a lackluster mood to endure two months, Ms. Wu’s mood suddenly reversed, excited, excited, manic, only sleep four or five hours a day is no problem, but also appeared “maxed out” credit card, reckless plan to emigrate and other abnormal behavior.”This is a textbook case.”Chen zheng said that both manic and depressive episodes, Ms Wu’s symptoms of both seizures are very typical.After systematic treatment, Ms Wu’s mood was stable and her sleep and diet returned to normal.”Not only for individuals and families, but worldwide today, bipolar disorder has been classified as a common chronic mental illness, with an average onset age of 25.”Mood disorders Shanghai mental health center director of the physician dai-hui peng told reporters that the prevalence of bipolar disorder is not the same in all countries and regions reported, but after the WHO, according to a statistics from 2005 to 2015, a decade in the total amount of illness and disability loss life years (one thousand) increased by 14.9, to the global burden of aggravating gradually.”When a beam of light passes through a gap, it leaves a light, but it also leaves a shadow.”Peng describes bipolar disorder as “gaps in the mind.”In April 1885, tulips were awosing in the monsoon. Van Gogh stared at the canvas of his first draft of “The Potato Eaters”. Yellow lights shone on the farmer’s haggard face.The whole picture is dark and depressing.He was eager to prove his talent to those around him.”Van Gogh could not have foreseen that the shadow of an illness called bipolar disorder that haunted him so many centuries later still affects and haunts people in the modern world in so many ways.”Peng Daihui introduced that patients with manic episodes often show high mood, rapid thinking and enhanced energy activities in a certain period of time.Depression attack with low mood, slow thinking, will activity and physical symptoms for the common performance.The mental pain caused by bipolar disorder is enormous.Peng said people with bipolar disorder are imprisoned in their own spiritual world, where they may turn against themselves, become divorced from reality and constantly suffer from illness.Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, “Who am I in the eyes of most people?Nothing, an empty shell, a man who has never had and never will have any social standing, in short, a complete and utter failure.””But trauma can also lead to unexpected results.”Suffering from bipolar disorder, but using her talent as a translator to support her life, Kim xiaoyu’s experience has changed the public’s perception of people with mental disorders.Some patients with bipolar disorder often lack self-awareness and do not think there is anything wrong with their current state, but some can benefit from it and achieve good grades at work and school, Chen said.However, there will be serious harm to their own and even the society.”It is impossible to know how Van Gogh managed to rekindle hope in life amid his distaste for reality, but during the most difficult times he reached the peak of his art.”Peng says these cases also show that suffering in the heart does not necessarily lead to self-destruction, but can also lead to extraordinary achievements.Can bipolar disorder be self-warning, prompt medical treatment and effective treatment?The answer is yes.Cong says self-help strategies are important for people with bipolar disorder.The first is adherence to treatment and understanding.Patients should be aware of the symptoms, medications, and treatment cycles of bipolar disorder.Through communication with doctors, try to understand the course of their own disease changes, understand their own symptom relief process and maintenance of medication time.Secondly, pay attention to their own mood changes in time.Early in a depressive or manic episode, there are already signs of mood changes, sleep patterns and behavior patterns.Early signs of a depressive episode include: not wanting to go to friends’ parties or avoid spending time with friends;In life, feeling unable to do the usual chores, lack of energy or energy;Poor appetite or changes in sleep patterns.Early manic episodes are characterized by difficulty concentrating, feeling good about yourself, high energy, and unusually high productivity.In terms of interpersonal relationship, he is easy to be critical of colleagues or friends, easy to provoke, and does not allow people around him to have different opinions.Once these problems are found, they should seek the help of family members or friends around, timely outpatient follow-up, inform the doctor, make medication adjustment.Seek help and treatment if it worsens.Building good interpersonal relationships and a stable lifestyle are also essential, according to Eun.”Don’t shut yourself off!”Finding friends you can trust, even if they just listen and don’t offer constructive advice, has therapeutic value in itself.””In conclusion, bipolar disorder is a disease, but it is manageable and monitored.As long as we have enough knowledge and preparation, develop ourselves intellectually and psychologically, and minimize the impact on our social functions, we will continue to grow with the disease, overcome the pressure of the disease, and grow brave wings.””My wife’s health deteriorated, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and she spent three years in bed unable to take care of her daily life.”When Jin xiaoyu’s translation career was in its final stages, her mother’s illness again put the family in trouble.Facing families suffering from mental illness like Jin Xiaoyu and his parents, how to let more “Jin Xiaoyu” be seen and assisted, the community has been thinking, in action.”Little boy, few worries, eyes around the sun shining…”At Longnan Primary School in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, regular mental health education classes are popular among teachers and students.”What is growth?””How did we grow up?”Facing the question of Hu Jun, the attending physician of Xuhui District Mental Health Center, the students were a little confused, but some still raised their hands carefully.”There is a difference between mental health counseling for teens and adults.”To make the lectures easier for teenagers to understand, Hu made the classes more interesting and interactive by playing music, short videos and mini-games.In her class, the daily interpersonal relationship is allegorized and visualized, becoming a vivid and interesting fairy tale. The active class is not only welcomed by her classmates, but also makes her gain many “little fans”.In 2007, the Geriatric Department of Shanghai Mental Health Center opened the first memory clinic in Shanghai.As one of the first doctors of the memory Clinic, Li Xia, director of the Geriatric Department of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, witnessed the clinic grow from scratch and gradually improve.”Never too early, never too late” is the motto of the Memory clinic.Today, there are still no drugs to reverse Alzheimer’s disease, but early and aggressive intervention can be effective in delaying the disease.”Memories don’t come back, but behavioral symptoms are manageable.”Over the past decade, What Li Xia has felt most is that the society has paid more attention to and accepted mental health.”We are in a race against forgetting!They still have hope. They still have life to live.”Lrsa said.In November 2021, the second phase of the Shanghai Mental Health Center’s “Gallery 600” exhibition will be unveiled, showcasing 67 diverse and expressive works by artists who suffer from bipolar disorder or emotional problems.On the comment wall of the gallery, visitors wrote their feelings: “I look forward to this exhibition becoming a portal for the public to participate in the discussion of mental health,” “A safe space to read life stories and talk about mental distress”…”Looking beyond the shadow of bipolar disorder and finding the light behind it, that’s what we’re trying to do.”Peng daihui said in a message.(Participated in writing: Xiang Xiang)

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