“Old broken dark” is transformed into a sunny “art house”, which is even more beautiful than the new house

“Old broken dark” is transformed into a sunny “art house”, which is even more beautiful than the new house!Now married before specified will buy bridal chamber, a set of their own in their own small home living a happy and prosperous life, this little couple because the man has a house in the home, just decorating is the old style for many years, but it is in the site is relatively costly, want on this site to buy a house also get the cost of millions of,It is better to do a new planning and design for this house.Original house family model can discover sitting room daylighting is not particularly good, and the doorway in the home takes up a place more, also do not have enough receiving space to increase receiving ability, let a space become clean and neat.For the problem on the door model to transform it, so that the permeability of the restaurant becomes better, and the door of the house is more with some decoration techniques to make it invisible design, so that the visual effect of the space becomes more transparent.Design key: concise and the design means with concise feeling of design sitting room lets a space become more comfortable and bright, and the two doorway of the balcony is to do partition with artistic droplight, when maintaining daylighting, also can move a line to hide, decorate the comfortable space with appearance level to the sitting room.The washing machine and dryer and other equipment hidden behind the sofa, it can not only meet the daily use needs, but also will not affect the overall decoration of the living room appearance level.Newlyweds also have unique demands for the enjoyment of life. The exquisite bar design is made in the living room near the wall. When they rest, the couple can have a glass of wood together and talk about their recent energy to shorten the feelings of the newlyweds, and make the living room more luxurious because of it.The design without the main lamp makes the lighting effect of the space better, and the whole space is mostly decorated with wooden materials, which can make the space more gentle and comfortable.Design key: fully receive the wine that can see orange after taking the door wears the mood that lets a person becomes a lot better, and the visual effect of the space is special connect fully, let dimensional simple sense and receive ability become better.The right side of porch did the shoe ark of gray to increase shoe receive, distinctive choice also can have very good ornament effect.Still clip the shoe ark of a white on the side as it happens can satisfy the handy article such as purse to put, the practicality that lets porch and appearance level coexist.The large sliding door of the restaurant increases the permeability of the space. The decorative paintings with artistic sense are matched with the gray color, which is full of texture under the irradiation of the light. It also creates a relaxed dining environment and makes people’s mood easier to relax.Key points of design: lighting to increase the sense of ceremony Corridor did not do redundant design, just to do light processing so that the simple design becomes more sense of ceremony, but also to change the grade and style of space.Design key: bright and practical kitchen of stronger eat is joined together the whole feeling that lets a space becomes better, and the kitchen modelling design of U model lets its use effect is better, and the choice that pledges with dining-room same woodiness ambry material, let a space much silk gentle comfort.Design key: halcyon morpheus space advocate lie whole is with gray and brunet as main decorate color, the deck of collocation a bit orange increases sweet feeling, let whole bedroom give a person a kind of composed simple sense, add the illuminate of lamplight to suit to read a book before going to bed especially, enjoy exclusive halcyon time.Advocate lie the toilet space in is smaller, when decorating, give it to stand by the position of window edge directly those who let a space appear a gender to become better, the use that lets a person also can become some more convenient.The whole bedroom is under the lamplight illuminate at night, it is the atmosphere of this kind of romantic atmosphere, just look at can let a person have full like.Design key: sweet vitality feeling children room and advocate lie hide in sofa wall interior, because still do not have the child so of whole children room decorate with simple give priority to, but the orange design of the wall of the head of a bed can make a space become more sweet, also more energetic suit the child to use.Design key: connect fully bright visual effect the design that oversized toilet did bath crock to let a person can bubble bath here, relax tired body and mind.Moreover, the grey non-slip ceramic tile is used in the bathroom, which makes the visual effect of the space more unified and makes the space more transparent and bright.Design key: halcyon and composed reading space book door also is hidden in ark body, it can maintain the neat degree of the space, and also can build a kind of quiet and comfortable simple sense.The study also is to give priority to with halcyon blue, build the space to give atmospheric comfortable simple sense, a deck chair is put here, when can let a person read tired lie above, enjoy exclusive quiet hour at oneself.Design key: delicate receive space cloakroom also is given priority to with brunet, decorate the space costly inside collect state, but to clothings receive ability won’t have any reduce.Rather than saddled with decades of debt, it would be better to use the money to renovate the old house in the family. After moving in, there is no difference with the new house, and it is in a very luxurious location.

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