The real deal: the “check-out order” resumed, the central media urged the “national team” to sell real estate

As a result of the real estate market itself footnote, its contribution to the economy is quite large, so the government will put real estate as the pillar industry of national real estate market more hot, but in the years of reform and opening up, the real estate industry can be said to be the basis of China’s economic development, no countless buildings built, there would be no today’s busy.China’s industrial chain around the real estate industry is not only complete in variety, but also has a high level of production. It is the continuous development of these industries, providing numerous employment opportunities, that contributes to China’s prosperity.As housing prices rise, Chinese people have to change their consumption habits.It used to be known around the world that Chinese people like to save money, and saving money means bad for the economy.With the development of the real estate industry, more and more people start borrowing money to buy houses and start spending ahead of time, which is a huge driving force for China’s economic development.However, the rapid rise of housing prices has also brought about many negative effects.First, housing prices went up.For many young people, it takes two generations to buy a house, and even to make a down payment, they have to empty everyone’s wallet and take on a huge mortgage later.So while people’s incomes are rising, the value of happiness has not significantly improved.Many young people don’t want to get married and have children.This is also one of the main reasons why the marriage rate and birth rate in China have declined in recent years.Second, the spread of real estate speculation in society has resulted in excess housing capacity and an increase in vacant housing.The continuous rise of housing prices also makes the financial property of housing become stronger, and more and more people invest in real estate speculation.Check-out order Check-out order restart? Why restart?Indeed, in 2010, China issued a “check-out order” in which some state-owned and central enterprises were ordered to withdraw from the property sector.However, the real estate industry has been a highly profitable industry for the past 10 years, so there are still many state-owned and central enterprises, and companies whose main business or most of their business is not real estate are still making money in the real estate industry.The entry of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises into the real estate industry is not only detrimental to the development of their main business, but also, because too many companies into this industry, the country’s housing prices will gradually get out of control, which is the last thing the country needs, so the state is quite right to issue this order.The country started this year “check out order” reason is, on the one hand, equivalent to a real estate market control and control to further realize the macro-control of housing prices.On the other hand, many central and state-owned enterprises have not completely withdrawn from the real estate sector.Statistics show that there are still 16 state-owned and central government enterprises that are not real estate companies but still have business in the sector.State media are also urging central government companies to exit the real estate industry.Economic News, a state-run media outlet, ran an article titled “Withdrawal Order.”This paper clearly points out that central enterprises play a leading role in state-owned enterprises, and central enterprises whose main business is not real estate should immediately withdraw from the real estate sector.▲ What is the impact of check-out order on real estate today?After some central and state-owned enterprises withdraw from the real estate industry, their influence on the real estate market is mainly reflected in the following two aspects.First of all, in the real estate industry, the withdrawal of central and public enterprises will help reduce the heat of the real estate market.As mentioned above, the “check-out order” is the same as the long-term regulation policy of the real estate market.Capital in the real estate industry will continue to decrease as central and public enterprises withdraw.With less capital, the housing market is unlikely to overheat again.Second, after the withdrawal of central and state-owned enterprises from the real estate industry, some vacant houses stored by central and state-owned enterprises are likely to continue to flow into the market.This has a big impact on the second-hand housing market, which is likely to further increase the number of second-hand homes, providing buyers with more options and greater room for negotiation.

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