What’s wrong with CT4 to have profile level configuration and power configuration?

In view of the current situation of China’s automobile market, many entry-level luxury brands seem to be not doing well. From the perspective of BBA’s entry products, audi A3, the best-selling brand, has the best overall sales volume after a new upgrade, with only 60,281 units for the whole year.As the dominant player in the A-class car market in that year, A3’s performance is enough to show that there have been models with more value than this type of products in the 200,000 domestic car market, such as hybrid models of domestic brands.Of course, there are many worse than the A3, such as the overall product strength of BBA’s Cadillac CT4, also suffered a failure.I remember a few years ago, an advertisement of “without rear drive, it is not luxurious” was swept on the screen, which was pushed by Cadillac from SAIC-GM. Since then, Cadillac CT series has successfully entered people’s vision.In the Chinese market, the rear drive seems to be more mysterious, so when many friends thought that the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ could only be selected within 300,000 yuan, Cadillac unexpectedly launched the cheaper CT4.The Cadillac CT4, which was launched in April 2020, sold 16,000 units in the whole year, which is a good performance. However, after 2021, the CT4 only delivered less than 15,000 units, which is clearly on the decline.As an entry-level luxury brand, Cadillac has made a lot of efforts to open users’ wallets with the sincerity of the rear drive, but the performance reflected in sales does not seem to be so satisfactory.Why did this happen? Did Cadillac rear-drive cars not smell good in a market of 200,000?Want to find the answer we must be through a variety of ways to find the answer, because single force from the product point of view, Cadillac CT4 aren’t that, from a design perspective CT4 don’t lose to any other competitors at the same level, this is the hand from the cars, and on the vehicle configuration, also showed no signs of a little behind.The 2.0T engine is the most serious in the same class, BBA is small displacement engine, and the front drive + dual clutch gearbox is the majority, CT4 can directly give 200+ HORSEPOWER +8AT+ rear drive combination, essentially, is already better than BBA.So why is CT4 so invincible in terms of product strength not reflected in sales?The only thing I can think of is brand power.In the early stage of BBA competition, Cadillac’s product strength was always old, most of which were imported products, and the product names were hard to remember. Although these are old stories, Cadillac failed to grasp the pulse of the market in the most critical years, leading to a serious decline in brand strength.As a result, Cadillac’s products have been tepid in the market because it is difficult to find a breakthrough, even the current CT4 product power, has not been able to enter people’s hearts.In fact, the warranty rate is also an important reference standard for people to choose a car. With the increase of the young user group, the frequency of changing cars also increases, which is a huge test for American cars with a three-year warranty rate of less than 70%.Therefore, even the product power, configuration, design can grasp people’s psychology, can not surpass the opponent in the comprehensive strength, but is a big problem.Finally, actually I also want to say that in the current Chinese market, in the end of electric products has become a new choice for many users, but they are focused on the 200000 price range, this also causes people turned a deaf ear for the traditional brand products, it is also a BBA luxury brands such as entry-level vehicles sales in one of the reasons for the decline.From the point of time on the vertical axis, Cadillac is always slow a beat, renamed generation rate is after electric products used, and Cadillac electric products is also only just, so that in the long run is not only a time delay, and Cadillac sales in the market.

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