A talk show sees through the workplace, how to make ordinary people become king of golden words

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, The show pays tribute to struggling Chinese people with a unique talk show about the story of “Construction of Construction”.Article | luanhe-tianjin water “(don’t take up the fire escape, to stand over there.”Fireman Eidham Majumati, who had just entered the scene, said to Megatron.”I’m not a car. I’m not a plane.”This particular interaction is like a stand-up comedy.Clearly the show isn’t over yet, as Optimus Prime enters the show, the two “Transformers” talk-show rivals face off in a hilarious and hilarious duel that includes “How did your big, diesel-burning truck get inside the fifth Ring?””Beautiful skins everywhere, hundreds of tons of interesting souls!”Such as the scene directly to the climax of the atmosphere.Launched by CCTV Video, the 5G new media platform of the China Media Group, the comedy talk show “Starting Work xi Young” was recently launched. The show has been searched 52 times in the network, with more than 380 million media users, 1.2 billion related topics and 460 million related videos.The total number of viewers of the live online broadcast of the show exceeded 26 million, and the broadcast volume of CCTV exceeded 20 million, ranking second on the list of influential variety shows on Weibo.”I went from short video to CCTV video to a larger platform to publicize anti-fraud.So you’re here to be on the show and I’m here to work.”In 2021, Chen Guoping, the anti-fraud police officer who became popular on social media, not only started with the topic of “migrant workers”, but also propagated anti-fraud anytime and anywhere. For some “bureau” that promised 50% or 200%revenue, his sense of humor also showed: “Are you financing, or mitosis?”During the Spring Festival, all kinds of cultural programs emerge in an endless stream, but “Work at Xi Yang Young” has a new way to create intensive jokes from the perspective of a comedy talk show, to convey the happiness of migrant workers in an all-round way.The guest lineup includes outstanding representatives from different dimensions and walks of life. Anti-fraud police officers, young artists, elephant hunters, firefighters and even Megatron Optimus Prime all came to the scene to tell their “start” stories.They offer emotional comfort from different professional perspectives, with witty lines like “Try today, try tomorrow” and “I don’t sleep until the moon sleeps!My friends, the moon has no heart and blood vessels.Make money disorderly do card, run away no way.Trust people casually, don’t learn purple jin Chen.It turns out that the “workers” of the joke hand also encourage the public to face life with humor.Is critical to the success of the “starting xi epicenter young audience for different professional an emotional chord, most of the guests is not a talk show actor, rare system in their share of argument and discussion, but with a lot of account of individual life experience to promote the punchline of rhythm, for precise blasting, knowledge, emotion and value opinion only in order to effect the service,Finally achieve “happy goat”.Haiyang, a broadcaster, is often behind the microphone, and the audience is more familiar with his voice. “Look at our hosts today, some are good in image, some are good in voice, and some are good in broadcasting ability. I wonder where I am good.””I’m in a good mood.”In addition to changing the burden, talk shows also make more people laugh.Some viewers also said, “I can’t stop seeing it. I’m also a migrant worker. It’s not easy.Rather than lengthy lectures, audiences prefer short, interactive content. The comedy talk show “Start Work, Happy Young”, which combines self-deprecation, ridicule and emotional relief, helps audiences express their long-delayed opinions about “work” but do not know where to start, providing a more passionate outlet for their confused life.In recent years, the ecological paradigm of “short video + live video + long video” has gradually taken shape and continuously produced large-scale benefits, helping CCTV establish a unique advantage in the competition.In the layout of content track, CCTV video aimed at the intersection of comedy talk show and workplace “start work”, and achieved good results.Many people sigh, “It’s just fun, at the same time, but also learn a lot of workplace knowledge, as a new employee can not miss.”For the platform, the starting xi epicenter young opens up new younger and comedy circuit, on the basis of host contest joined the show elements, from guest similarity between professional to their common representative of the spirit, even including optimus prime and megatron at the scene “said the speech, singing” there are many stories can play space.For example, Megatron says, “You may not know this, but before I became captain of the Decepticons, I worked as a miner, digging for treasure every day.In your language, I am ‘treasure Boy’.”The phrase “real move” is used a lot on the show, but what is the real move?It is said in the program that “struggle is the most beautiful background, and love is the invincible true move”. Whether it is rich and diversified career representative or brave and hard working attitude, “Start Work Xi Yang Young” is reshaping the aesthetic of a young program.The artistic programs that can truly penetrate people’s hearts are the real life that can be touched, with ups and downs, and full of life atmosphere.When nanjing hongshan zoo director zhi-jun shen said, “we don’t do the zoo, but do animals homes”, when the desk reporters ice wong said “although we are not hidebound, but we definitely have the courage to challenge”, when the Courier Yang said “open a Courier station at the foot of mount Everest, although very hard, but see folks received express happy appearance, I also feel value”,Various gestures of struggle are slowly unfolding.In general, the narration of “Start Work Xi Yang Young” is both scientific and humorous, and keeps enriching the form of stage expression, with the core of presenting the spiritual temperament of contemporary strivers, innovating audio-visual effects, telling professional memories and stories, and constantly strengthening the pursuit of fighting spirit through multidimensional upgrading.No matter what people say, but different workers are actually in their own posts quietly pay, always have their own highlight moment.In the New Year, I wish all workers to work and harvest with this joy and confidence.What is the evolutionary path of central Video innovation?”I hope that in the New Year, everyone will have the luck and courage to say ‘yes’ happily.Have hope and drive.”Emoticons designer Lu Heli kept a poker face throughout the show, but every sentence made the audience laugh. Even Sa Beining said, “Because she makes emoticons, she deliberately uses such a poker face to complete her talk show. It’s great!”From China’s short track speed skating team to Gu Ailing, if there are ten hot searches on social media platforms, eight are related to the Winter Olympics. What are the rest?Topics such as # Sa Beining to fight Megatron on behalf of mankind, # Sa Beining to connect Li Xueqin with full Energy, and # Zhu Guangquan’s Joke version Starting Guide have been listed on weibo, Douyin and other hot search lists.Why is that?We can also see some clues from this. Adhering to good content with positive value concepts, making good stories of the public more interesting and refined, while seeking innovative elements in genre creation is the standard of CCTV Video and one of the secrets of “Work on Joy Young” that can arouse wide resonance.Through the brand new CONTENT IP of “Xiaoxi Young”, CCTV video platform quickly conveys its brand connotation among the audience, such as high degree of youth and strong social attributes, so that the audience can naturally believe this content work related to “Xiaoxi young”.On the other hand, the realistic consideration of the work itself expands the new extension for the original IP, such as the attention to minority occupations and grassroots, and the display of humor power, thus forming a virtuous circle.The overall innovation in concept and mode of “Work At Joy Young” enables CCTV video to continuously layout original IP based on its own resources and capabilities.In the future, we can also imagine that the “work on” IP will cover a wide range of areas, covering a wider audience, and content consumers of different ages will be able to find their favorite parts in the future exploration of the show.

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