Autonomous medium SUV sales ranking in 2021!The Tiger 8 is the pin crown

Recently, take the association announced this year 2021 market sales of various models.As a product category favored by Chinese consumers, sales of autonomous medium-sized SUV products are also seen as a barometer of China’s car market.The sales champion is Tiger 8 (parameter | picture) model.As a man of science and technology, Chery did not give up the development of internal combustion engine in the era of electrification.They have brought their latest 2.0-t engine and put it in their star car, the Tiger 8.Obtain sales runner-up, is the red Flag HS5 model.This is the classic of enough Chinese style, also be the red flag with graceful bearing and graceful.In terms of appearance, the overall style of HS5 is grand enough, with a large area straight waterfall front with a strong sense of visual expansion and luxury attributes, and the smart integration with the full LED lighting set of the whole system standard, collision with the classic and dynamic sense of elegance.The “red flag” on the engine cover is also enough to fly the ideal of the car owner.Third place was the Jetway X70 model.Appearance level, from the Chinese brand Jieway X70 PLUS Zhuge version, very know how to through a few carefully carved delicate, to interpret the Chinese consumers most heart of the kind of atmosphere.Integral scale builds with element shop arrangement, can see quite good level.X-shaped front air inlet net with multi-banner decoration, well delineate the vanguard exquisite, biased toward the overall impression of the future.Obtain sales fourth, is BYD Tang model.Speaking of BYD Tang this car, the vast majority of people think, often will be pure electric, DM version of the violent acceleration.But for consumers living in cities that don’t have license plates, this affordable, fuel-efficient version may be the real Mr Right.Nextev ES6 model ranked fifth in sales.ES6 is still the sales pillar of NIO brand, after all, the starting price of 300,000 yuan, both luxurious and practical appearance/interior style have attracted many consumers to vote with cards.This article belongs to reprint.

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