Beiqi Zhang Xiyong: proposed to take the lead in promoting the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei commercial vehicle comprehensive new energy

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter Zhang Bing) On March 26, Zhang Xiyong, general manager of Beijing Automotive Group Co., LTD., said at the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum (2022) that at present, commercial vehicles account for 12% of China’s car ownership, but contribute 56% of road traffic carbon emissions.In the process of carbon neutral automobile, transportation and energy transformation, zero-carbon commercial vehicles can effectively drive the carbon neutral transformation of automobile, transportation and energy systems, with mature conditions for taking the lead, strong correlation and broad development space, will play a key traction role.Zhang Xi yong said, so far, Beijing auto fukuda has been in the end of the city logistics, shipping, ports, city building, mining and transportation in factory heavy transport, sanitation, airports and other professional fields, all propulsion zero carbon commercial vehicle, and finally realizes the electric, hybrid, complete coverage of the pure fuel cell, seven thousand vehicles, new energy, commercial vehicle sales for all of last year,With a year-on-year growth of 145%, it ranks second in the target market with a market share of 12%.”At the same time, Foton will be characterized by platform, modular, integrated, intelligent next generation of new platform products have entered the key stage of research and development and product launch, the future will provide better product solutions for more transportation scenarios.In 2025, The sales target of BEIqi Foton new energy commercial vehicles will exceed 100,000 units.”In addition, Zhang Xiyong said that he hoped that government departments could coordinate at the top level, promote the active participation of enterprises and institutions related to the industrial chain, take the lead in promoting the comprehensive new energy transformation of 3.45 million commercial vehicles in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and achieve carbon reduction of more than 100 million tons by then.Beijing News Shell finance reporter Zhang Bing editor Song Yuting proofread Lu Qian

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