The final phase of the “Alliance Resolve 2022” Russia-Belarus joint military exercise has been held

Minsk, February 19 (Xinhua)The final phase of the “Soyuz Resolution-2022” joint military drill between Russia and Belarus took place at the Obzi-Lesovsky shooting range in Belarus on Thursday.State Secretary of the Russia-Belarus Union Dmitry Mezentsev, Belarusian defense officials, military attaches and journalists from 16 countries in Belarus including the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia observed the exercise.In the exercise, Russian and White Allied forces simulated a defensive battle to repel enemy attacks and create conditions for a counter-attack.Tu-22m3 bombers, Su-35 fighter jets, Su-30SM fighters, T-72B and T-80 main battle tanks will take part in the exercise.Mr. Mezentsev said it was wrong to see the russia-Belarus exercises as a response to Western pressure and that they were defensive in nature.Russia and Belarus started joint military exercise “Alliance Resolution-2022” in Belarus on Tuesday.The military exercise is held in accordance with the established arrangements of the two countries and aims to complete the tasks of deterring and countering external aggression, combating terrorism and protecting the national interests of the ALLIANCE in defensive operations.The drill will continue until May 20.On December 8, 1999, Russia and Belarus signed the Treaty on the establishment of the Russia-Belarus Union, which stipulated that the two countries should establish a state of confederation while maintaining their respective national sovereignty, independence and state system.(after)

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