He saw through Song Jiang, pretend to go home to explore the mother, the results never return, become the best outcome of the water margin

As one of the four great classics of Our country, the Water Margin has created many vivid characters for readers.We for “outlaws of the Marsh” in the description of the chivalrous, chivalrous world is full of infinite praise and yearning, but in that world liangshan heroes, but few people can get a good ending: some were harmed by treacherous officials, some died in battle……Nevertheless, when the life of numerous heroes and heroes ends with tragedy, a person had already seen through Song Jiang however, guessed the outcome, under the guise of visiting relatives, accomplished whole body and retreat truly, preserve oneself, he is Gongsun Sheng.Gongsun sheng was born in Jizhou, learned a martial arts from childhood, and then worship into the two fairy mountain Ziyun view, to the Taoist Taoist luo Zhenren learned the profound Taoist magic, it is said that Gongsun Sheng can even do call the wind and rain, beans into soldiers, visible in the novel Gongsun Sheng is really some real ability.Later, because of dissatisfaction with the magistrate regardless of the people’s lives, only know to plunder the people as a chao Gai et al., together with the plan, rob the birthday gang, also therefore offended the court, on liangshan.Gongsun Sheng and chao Build robbed birthday gang jointly, avoid the pursuit of the imperial court together, from this level, they are the brothers who go through life and death together.As a Taoist disciple, Gongsun Sheng early can choose to stay in Liangshan, and Chao Gai’s value is inseparable.But after song Jiang went up liang Shan, chao build’s position, authority is in gradually by Song Jiang stilt, not only such, as the mind takes on one of Gongsun Sheng also cannot Song Jiang reuse, as if to become a “staff out of the program”.But because of this, Gongsun Sheng also has the opportunity to see Song Jiang clearly with the identity of an outsider.In the eyes of many heroes in Liangshan, Song Jiang is a gentleman who speaks loyalty. When they have nowhere to go, it is Song Jiang who appears in time and leads them to settle down in Liangshan. Therefore, they are willing to listen to Song Jiang’s orders from the bottom of their hearts.However, different people have different positions. Gongsun Sheng went to Liangshan not because of Song Jiang, but because of Chao Gai, the former big master of Liangshan.So, in the eye of Gongsun sheng, song Jiang perhaps is not a pure gentleman, after all a pure gentleman, where can choose to build the actual strength of old master chao, increase his actual strength?As time passed, gongsun Sheng, who could not be reused, also understood that he was in a very awkward position in liangshan.Therefore, he thought of his old mother, and proposed to Song Jiang the idea of visiting his family.Song Jiang nature can not prevent, after all, many people in Liangshan have asked “home leave”, natural also allowed.Song Jiang did not think of Gongsun Sheng to visit relatives for a long time did not return, however, Song Jiang is not stupid, slowly he also understood that Gongsun Sheng may already have the heart of retreat.Besides, now chao Build is not in, Gongsun Sheng may not be able to come back with one’s heart, fortunately before Gongsun Sheng and no important position, also did not send a person to find.People calculate not as good as the day, in the attack on Gao-Tang state, because the state governor Gao-Lian also know some magic, forcing song Jiang repeatedly retreat, and can not find in liangshan people superb way, can break gao-Lian magic people, this can be nasty bad Song Jiang.At this time, they remembered gongsun Sheng who had come home to visit his relatives. I’m afraid only he could solve the dilemma at this time.So Song Jiang sent his men to Jizhou, Gongsun Sheng’s hometown, to look for him. But the house was empty and Gongsun Sheng had already left home to go to his master.When Li Kui and his men found Gongsun Sheng, gongsun Sheng again refused to let him go. His mother was old and needed to be taken care of, and his master refused to let him go.Think, right now his heart is also full of entanglements.On the one hand, as a Taoist disciple, for these things in the world of mortals themselves should be far away, what’s more, when he left Liangshan actually part of the reason is Song Jiang, these years away from chaos to see more clearly, Song Jiang has not had the original strong resistance to the court, but also want to be recruited heart.But on the other hand, he learned a skill, the heart is still a chamber of blood, at the beginning of the mountain to rob the birthday class, but also want to make some achievements, and then met the brothers, the heart is also willing to work with many brothers together.Gongsun Sheng is entangled when, his teacher Luo true person made a decision for him: let Gongsun Sheng go down the mountain break the spell of Gao Lian, help Song Jiang, protect one party Li people.However, Luo Zhenren advised Gongsun sheng down the mountain at the same time, and told Gongsun Sheng a maxim “meet the bian but also”, and hope the Song River will be able to put Gongsun sheng back.As an outlier, Luo is of course also see through some of the future, his maxim is also hope to do their own efforts to protect their apprentice.Fortunately, luo zhenren has this foresight, finally saved Gongsun sheng’s life.After listening to the master’s words, Gongsun Sheng set his mind at ease and broke the magic of Gao Lian by virtue of the five thunder Tiangang Zhengfa and captured Gao Tang Prefecture.Since then, Gongsun Sheng by virtue of his sophisticated magic, in a variety of wars have made great contributions.As Gongsun Sheng expected, under the leadership of Song Jiang, the heroes of Liangshan were recruited by the Song Dynasty and took the place of the soldiers and horses of the Song Dynasty.Excuse to wait for the elderly mother, leaving Liangshan to campaign against huaixi is gongsun Sheng last time to follow the Song River campaign, on the way back to the dynasty, Gongsun sheng remembered when he was down the words of the teacher Luo Zhenren to him, “meet the bian but also”.Therefore, when the large army arrived outside bianliang, Gongsun Sheng did not hesitate to put forward his idea to Song Jiang: to go home to visit his aged mother, but also to return to repay his master, hoping not to stop him.Gongsun Sheng spoke earnestly and could not refuse. Besides, now that the war was over, it was not impossible to let him go back. Song Jiang agreed.This time, Gongsun Sheng went back and never came back.He did not choose to stay in his hometown to return to the mountains, nor did he continue to stay in the Taoist Temple, but chose to travel around, do a happy Taoist priest.Therefore, he did not take part in the war against Fang La. Most of the heroes in Liangshan were killed in the war, so Gongsun Sheng avoided a bullet and finally got a happy ending.And he had the blood, has been in a campaign, and the desire to fight side by side with his brothers can be realized, everything he stays in the victory of the merits, for him, this is the best outcome.

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