Self-developed M1 processor to replace x86 Apple MacBook sales explosion: Popular in China

Apple recently released the fiscal year 2022 Q1 financial results, the net revenue of the quarter was 123.945 billion DOLLARS, compared with 111.439 billion dollars in the same period last year, an increase of 11%, a record high;Net profit was $34.630 billion, up 20 percent from $28.755 billion in the same period last year.Apple had a strong quarter, with its core iPhone setting records in several countries and regions, and China returning to the top of the market for the first time in six years.In addition to phones, Apple’s Mac business was also a bright spot, with revenue of $10.9 billion in the quarter, up 25 percent from a year earlier, and user satisfaction with Macs exceeding expectations.According to Apple’s earnings call, Mac growth was driven mainly by the MacBook Air with the M1 processor and the MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro/Max, which helped Apple attract 60% of new users in China.According to Apple’s statement, after replacing x86 processors with self-developed M1 series processors for Mac computers, differentiated competition drives sales growth, and customer satisfaction is very high, which also increases Apple’s confidence that more and more Mac computers will be replaced with self-developed processors in the future.

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