Weifang people society: for the employment hold salary, for the introduction of just recruit just gather force

Since 2021, The city has implemented the strategy of giving priority to employment, strengthened the policy of giving priority to employment, continuously expanded the scale of employment, optimized the employment structure, and improved the quality of employment. The main employment targets for the year have been achieved ahead of schedule and exceeded the annual targets. The city has created 101,500 new urban jobs, 110.3% of the annual plan.The registered urban unemployment rate was kept at a relatively low level of 2.27%, effectively keeping the overall employment situation stable.In 2021, the city gave full play to the guiding role of the policy. From January to December, the city achieved 101,500 new urban jobs, completing 110.3% of the annual plan. The registered urban unemployment rate was controlled at a low level of 2.27%, and the employment situation in the city remained stable.Around the Spring Festival of 2021, the city will carry out a special service campaign of “10 sending and 10 staying”, formulate the Implementation Rules of One-off Stable Employment Subsidies for Stable Employment during the Spring Festival, and provide a one-off stable employment subsidy of 6.857 million yuan to 990 eligible enterprises, benefiting 13,700 employees.Policies will be tailored to the different needs of key groups such as college graduates, rural migrant workers and people having difficulty finding jobs.First, we will give top priority to the employment of college graduates and other young people.The overall employment rate of non-normal college graduates was over 92%.We expanded the implementation of the “three support and one support” plan for college graduates, recruiting 184 positions.Strengthen the implementation of the employment probation plan, and build 216 “Youth probation bases in Shandong Province”.Comprehensively promote the use of “electronic registration card”, the implementation of online signing “second”.Second, we will ensure employment for disadvantaged groups.We will make solid progress in the monthly employment assistance campaign, and actively develop public welfare jobs to help people who have difficulty finding jobs and zero-employment families to achieve dynamic zero employment.From January to December, a total of 37.318 million yuan of social insurance subsidies were distributed in The city, benefiting 6,325 people with employment difficulties and 1,348 college graduates and enterprises (units) within two years of leaving school, and 20,2244 million yuan of public welfare job subsidies were distributed, benefiting 2,734 people.Third, we will expand employment channels for migrant workers and other groups.A total of 638,000 migrant workers have been provided with free services through the “Spring Breeze Action” service to help them find jobs.Labor service cooperation agreements have been signed with Ankang City of Shaanxi Province, Kaizhou District of Chongqing City, Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province and Yulin City of Shaanxi Province to carry out inter-regional labor service cooperation and docking.The municipal government issued the Implementation Plan on Regulating the Gig Market and Accelerating the Construction of “Gig Inn”, and 15 “Gig Inn” were built in the city.We continued to improve the employment index system and the employment and unemployment monitoring system, focusing on the real-time monitoring of 125 sample enterprises and more than 110,000 employees in the city.We have established a monitoring system for the employment of key enterprises and key groups, covering more than 220 key enterprises, and analyzed and analyzed the monitoring data to provide a reference basis for targeted employment work and scientific decision-making.We will improve living allowances for the unemployed.Unemployment insurance benefits will be adjusted to 90 percent of the local minimum wage.A total of 341 million yuan of unemployment insurance was paid to 29,400 unemployed persons, and 66,339,600 yuan of basic medical insurance was paid.A total of 44.52 million yuan in unemployment subsidies was paid to 56,700 people.Online recruitment, all-round enhancement ZhaoCaiYinZhi dynamics in September 2021, “to get the kite – all through school” weifang special service enterprise network recruitment activities in autumn of 2021, many college graduates through online resume, found the right job in weifang, graduated from ocean university of Mr Liu is the “beneficiary” of the network recruitment.”Online recruitment allows us to avoid going back and forth during interviews, not only reducing the ‘cost’ of finding a job, but also increasing our chances of selecting a position.”Mr. Liu said.In 2021, relying on public recruitment website, Weifang Talent Website, wechat official account and other platforms, the city will hold 1,851 special online and offline recruitment activities in multiple frequency, by industry and by position, including 1,371 online recruitment sites and 480 offline recruitment sites, 173,000 participating enterprises, providing 1,141,000 positions.A total of 978,000 people have sought jobs, and channels for employers and workers to find jobs have been kept open.Around the play to weifang people club department human resources service organization in the allocation of human resources market and professional, precise, targeted to help enterprises solve the problem of employment, in the name of the city government establish “about strengthening the construction of human resources service industrial park to promote opinions of the development of human resources services, accelerate the construction of human resources service industrial park,Overall planning and coordination to promote the development of municipal human resources service industry.Using the recruitment activities of “Shandong — Through train to famous universities”, “CAI Ju Yuan Capital — Direct to famous universities” and “CAI Ju Yuan Capital, Weifang Zhanfang” for college graduates, weifang has organized weifang, Geer and other famous enterprises and institutions in Weifang to carry out a series of 42 targeted recruitment activities for colleges and universities in and outside the province.The weifang Global Talent Introduction Platform has been innovatively established. At present, more than 1,100 enterprises have settled in, 24,000 job information has been released, 6 online special activities have been held on the platform, and more than 2,000 people have been employed.The implementation of the “Huicai card” system, 330 people were directly issued “Yuandu Huicai Card” electronic card, 54 people were awarded “Shendong Huicai card”.We improved the mechanism for bringing in overseas students, bringing 268 overseas students with real names, 223% of the annual target.Weifang Overseas Students Pioneer Park, China, is the only city in shandong province jointly built by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the People’s Government of Shandong Province in recent years.In 2021, zhuhai will focus on strengthening the construction of vocational training system.To carry out the registration and filing of training institutions, compile the list of vocational skill training institutions in Weifang, publish 324 vocational skill training institutions of various types to the society, and provide better training guidance and training services for the vast number of workers in the city.We provided large-scale subsidized vocational training for 183,700 workers of all types in urban and rural areas, including job-for-work training, reaching 173 percent of the annual target.A total of 181 million yuan was provided for skills training, including 45.9072 million yuan for workers, benefiting 55,600 people from 1,409 enterprises.The city has formulated and printed the Implementation Rules of Vocational Skill Upgrading Training for In-service Enterprise Employees in Weifang (Trial) to continuously enhance and enhance the working ability of in-service enterprise employees.The city completed the training of 21,800 employees to improve their skills.We implemented subsidy policies for upgrading technical skills in an orderly manner, encouraged and guided employees to upgrade their professional skills. From January to December, 24,400 employees were given 37.829 million yuan in subsidies.In addition, weifang has also carried out a series of training activities of special action service project on vocational skills improvement of Human resource practitioners in Weifang city, which has trained more than 1500 people, comprehensively improving the professional and professional level of practitioners.In 2021, the city will steadily carry out the “Process for cadres of social organizations” activity, accelerate the promotion of full-caliber process reengineering, and do a good job in the construction of archives service and archives information.Relying on the “Smart People Society” platform, we will build a smart employment service hall, continue to improve the “Palm Office” employment service platform, and promote the integration of online application, online acceptance, face-to-face examination and approval, job hunting and recruitment, and employment services, so as to create a public employment service brand of “Run well”.The employment service window of Weifang Public Employment and Human Resource Service Center was awarded the “National Human Resources and Social Security System Quality Service Window”.With a focus on employment, entrepreneurship and human resource services, the implementation rate of the employment subsidy budget reached 98.4 percent.We carried out budgetary performance evaluation work across the board, and closely integrated the use of budgetary funds with our work, providing stronger guarantees and producing more visible results.In addition, the municipal human resources department gave full play to its work initiative and carried out the special activity of “Five steps and five delivery” for employment services, sending policies, posts, information, services and rights protection into enterprises, parks, villages, communities and families to improve the awareness of policies.We will focus on introducing policies into enterprises, help enterprises fully understand the policies of people and social organizations benefiting them, and promote the transformation of policy implementation from “people seeking policy” to “policy seeking policy”.In 2022, the city’s human resources department goalkeeper, adhere to the “steady character overhead, seek improvement in stability” total working tone, to implement the “difference” employment promotion planning for traction, the point precision ShiCe, according to the “1224” overall working train of thought, namely “two overall target” “two key tasks” “two key measures” “four important issues”,We will do all we can to ensure fuller and higher quality employment.”One overall goal” is to thoroughly implement the employment priority strategy, comprehensively strengthen supervision and guidance on employment, focus on high-quality employment, achieve 94,000 new urban jobs by 2022, and make every effort to maintain overall stability of the employment situation in The city.”Two key tasks” are to accelerate the implementation of urban and rural public welfare job expansion and quality improvement.We will accelerate the development of the Weifang Innovation park in China.The “two key measures” are to improve the service level of “gig inn” and speed up the development of human resource service institutions. The “four important matters” are to ensure the stable employment of key groups, continue to promote the employment of entrepreneurship, actively promote the upgrading of skills training, and strive to do a good job in attracting talents.‍

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