A recent photo of a former NBA player shows that he is 32 years old.The best female reporter, as good as Jenna

Some time ago, the famous Japanese journalist of NBA, Maye Mikaha, who is going to be 32 years old this year, updated her social media and posted a picture of her working out at home. It can be seen that although she is already in her thirties, Maye mikaha is still in excellent shape, with strict self-discipline and clearly visible waistcoat line.Was born on September 1, 1990 GongHe hemp, can calculate the NBA is a generation of young fans of “the original goddess”, may be a lot of people don’t know, GongHe hemp are hybrids, GongHe is a hybrid, her father from the Netherlands, and the mother is from Japan, 2 years old before they grow in Amsterdam, then with his mother to return home.Lotte, warriors and Japan reached 20 million annual jersey advertising contract, also because of the opportunity, the warriors fires in Japan, and good appearance, shapely, fluent English GongHe hemp, seize this brand cooperation, brush at the mighty presence for many times, star, ground dressing room, soon she fires in Japan.He gradually transformed himself into a reporter for the Warriors, and later became the head of the NBA media circle, and gradually enriched his personal set, not only as a media worker, but also as a lace character bound together with the stars.After work, Miyagawa Maye also began to practice basketball skills, occasionally small hands, the shooting percentage in the girls is very top, and she worked hard peach buttocks, buttocks hair force moment is very beautiful, Miyagawa this set of operations flowing smoothly, and a wave of circle powder, popularity rose.As time flies, Maye Mikaha is almost 32 years old, and she has gradually faded out of the NBA circle to become an Internet celebrity and a fitness blogger.And after Miyagha Maye opened up the famous road of this beautiful reporter, many countries also imitate to create their own “Miyagha Maye”, the response is very good.

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