Laiyuan county mayor Wang Yan, laiyuan County national moral model nomination Award Lu Wei to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay

The torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games passes through the Fulong Ski Resort in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, On February 3.County magistrate Wang Yan as the 197th baton torch relay runner to participate in the torch relay activities.In recent years, the laiyuan ice and snow has grown from nothing and from weak to strong, creating a number of world no.1, realizing the gorgeous turn from a big mining county to a big ice and snow sports county and a strong ice and snow sports county, opening a new development mode of “sports + culture + tourism” in an all-round way, and striving to build an international ice and snow tourism holiday destination.Above: Torchbearer Wang Yan (right) lights her passion and passes on her dreams at fulong Ski Resort.During the torch relay, Wang Yan, the county magistrate, presented the image of laiyuan to the whole country on behalf of 280,000 people and reported the development achievements of laiyuan to the great motherland.Laiyuan is destined to come often, laiyuan is willing to contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics with you.Wang Yan, head of Laiyuan County, participates in the torch relay activities while he is nominated as a national moral model, a national Hero of Good Samaritans and a national model worker lu Wei.Above: Lu Wei (right), nominated for the National Moral Model Award, takes part in the torch relay.Source:

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