Ruihu 8 is currently welcome to visit the appreciation straight down 11,000

Ruihu 8 currently welcome to appreciate down 11,000 4S shop Luzhou Jiguo Chery 2022-02-25 17:34 release only 1 days store ruihu 8 kunpeng version sales, color optional: ① cash gift: order a car to enjoy 7000 yuan cash red envelope ② financial gift:Enjoy 3 years of 0 interest, to enjoy the highest financial car purchase subsidy of 7000 yuan (1.5T models to high financial subsidy of 6000 yuan) ③ replacement gift: this product replacement enjoy 10000 yuan subsidy (non product replacement 8000 yuan subsidy) ④ Purchase gift: purchase enjoy 3000 yuan subsidy ⑤ free guarantee gift:Enjoy 6 free basic maintenance for 3 years (1.6T/2.0T models) ⑥ Traffic gift: basic traffic is free for life, entertainment traffic is free for the first year (2G/ month) ⑦ Upgrade gift: OTA upgrade for life (for Lion Smart Cloud system models) ⑧ Warranty gift: engine lifetime warranty replacement gift, purchase gift, free warranty gift three choices

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