The age of struggle, fools in entertainment, so no money and no good partner, everything is trade

Making money and falling in love is a competition for survival and reproduction. Everything in society is a trade.We must always let the enemy from strong to weak, every step we grow, the enemy weaker.Turn the enemy from active to passive.It’s hard to turn enemies into friends. Don’t have a Madonna mentality.By means of stratagem and stratagem, the enemy should be constantly mobilized to discover their weaknesses, and the enemy should be destroyed one by one by concentrating superior forces.Everything that prevents us from getting up early and going to bed early is our enemy and should be isolated.Civilized society, annihilating the enemy is more civilized.Efficiency is Paramount, all those who reduce your efficiency and things are your enemies.A lot of people in their life, I’m afraid they don’t know who is their friend, who is their enemy, often take the thief as their father.Cattle are modest, ordinary people are pragmatic.In this world, virtual reality is born, and pragmatic people are the ones who live for nothing.This is what the generals are trying to do. They have everything, so that the enemy has to turn from reality to vanity.One is to distinguish between who are our friends and who are our enemies, which is the fundamental problem of life.I used to see a person as an energy body, that is, friends who bring you positive energy and enemies who bring negative energy.Let the same frequency of people more understand, so that people do not understand, more stupid.The essence of invincibility is to have no enemy.You let your enemies near you, and those true friends will stay away from you, and those enemies will stay with you, sucking all the value out of you, and stay away from you, and you’ll be alone.Smart Aleck is your enemy, people fall behind, make no money, all because of smart Aleck.It’s human nature. Too many smart alecks get nowhere, so only a few get anywhere.Making money and falling in love is the process of overthrowing yourself and guiding your life with Confucianism.These are a series of deals.Love is like a battlefield, never tell a woman, just like we fight a war, you be a commander, you are going to fight, and then you tell the enemy, you say after midnight today, 3:30 in the morning, I am going to surprise you, you are ready.You don’t understand that everything in society is a transaction.And then you sneak up on someone at 3:30 in the morning, and they’re all ready, and what do they do to you?Pass by.The enemy’s contradiction is our strength.The person who is against me is also my enemy. Respect the person under any circumstances. As soon as you find that the person is stupid and does not approve of you, respect him immediately.Politeness and comfort is used to deal with these people who only talk about feelings, stupid not lazy, no ability, they encounter difficulties will only ask for, or kneeling for, in fact, lazy people even kneel qualifications are not.It serves them right, because at an age when they should be struggling, they are having fun, so they have no money and no one to look up to, which is normal.

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