“There is no second noodle shop in Shanghai, so you can cook this braised meat!”

32 years old Yangpu flavor ten yuan big bowl noodles, braised meat is bigger than the palm of the most delicate spicy diced meat, each carefully trimmed noodle restaurant in the end to make money?”If I don’t make money, I’ll keep it for a day. If I don’t make money, I’ll keep it for a year.”A 30 years + ancient early shop, the 88 years of the boss why so bold?Just after the Spring Festival holiday, roadside shops regained their sparkle, and the store was already crowded before 12 o ‘clock on the first day of work.An old diner in the queue recalled: “The old store was on a street corner and there was hardly any room in the store. I still ate in front of the store even at 37 degrees Celsius.”In the old restaurant, his father was in charge of cooking, his mother greeted the guests outside, and Tao Tao helped her parents.Kaixinshijin, the year before that month met store relocation, he picked up the girder for his parents, in the location of 200m from the old store to open a new store – “parents insist on down for more than 30 years, do not want to give up like this.””There is no second restaurant in Shanghai that can cook this braised meat.”For their own braised pork noodles, the boss confidence burst!As one of the signboards, it is almost all old diners must order, with all kinds of toppings taste more wonderful.Braised meat noodles: 18 yuan/bowl toppings: pickles 3 yuan/portion, spicy meat 12 yuan/portion braised meat noodles essence is braised meat, to know that if the meat is not handled properly, the taste will be thick and greasy, for those who are not used to eating Shanghai food will look and stop.Each piece of their braised meat is the size of a hand.The texture of the meat is very clear, the layers are very good.With more than 10 kinds of secret sauce after 2 hours of stew is very delicious, soft and tender, belonging to the degree of chopsticks will be disconnected, mouth melt, oil but not greasy.Small editor listened to the old diners amway added snow vegetables and spicy diced pork, taste more layers!Shanghai gourmands’ passion for spicy meat noodles is no less than xiao long bao and sheng jian steamed bun……When it comes to telling whether a restaurant’s spicy noodles are authentic, their tongue alone can tell the difference.Spicy noodles: 18 YUAN/bowl Toppings: 6 yuan/portion Hot sauce The spicy noodles are the perfect inheritance of Shanghai people’s unique taste: sweet and spicy, and the heat is the finishing touch of the whole bowl of noodles.The noodles are not rotten or too hard, but still retain enough strength.It is said that they have cooperated with the noodle factory for decades, and the quality control is meticulous.A pot of spicy meat was used up just after the meal, and a pot of toppings was sold out and immediately burned.Hind leg diced pork ordered from the market has to be trimmed after arriving at the shop to ensure that the edges of each diced meat are cleaned and plumped.You can use any toppings to make mixed noodles or soup noodles. If you order mixed noodles, you can also serve curry beef soup.The free soup is no less delicious than the real one. It tastes very fresh and not greasy. At the bottom of the rich beef bone soup, red dates, mushrooms and other ingredients are boiled together for a whole day, and the essence of the soup melts into the pot.So high requirements for dishes, the boss said every month to purchase food materials, together with utilities and other additional costs, the cost of nearly a hundred thousand!It might make your jaw drop, but he says, “I’m opening a shop. I’m not kidding.”Look very “arrogant” boss, but secretly no boss AIRS.Dressed in a staff clothes, fried vegetables, noodles, meals……I’m so good at everything, I’m so busy in the back kitchen with my staff, I almost can’t recognize who the boss is.Even though it was nearing 1pm on the first day of work, a scattering of diners were still cleaning their kitchens.In his spare time, making short videos is also a hobby.Cool and handsome image with humorous language is the biggest feature of the video, which is in sharp contrast to what we always think the boss looks like.”Our parents don’t understand these things when they get older, so we young people use this trendy way to publicize and publicize it as a kind of inheritance.”Address: 1F, 111 Ningguo Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai Business Hours: 10:00-19:00 Comments Area Interactive: When it comes to spicy noodles, are you a diced or mince fan?TOP SHANGHAI article/chestnut sauce picture/Night content cooperation

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