Thirteen districts, counties and cities of Shenyang added nucleic acid testing sampling site summary details

In order to strengthen the city’s nucleic acid testing service capacity and fully meet the needs of the people for “should be tested” and “willing to be tested”, nucleic acid testing sampling sites have been set up in the city’s secondary and above comprehensive medical institutions, tertiary traditional Chinese medicine hospitals (including hospitals integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine), community health service centers, and township health centers.Each district, county (city) will also set up a number of convenient nucleic acid sampling sites in the local public areas to provide nearby, convenient and safe nucleic acid testing services for residents in Shencheng.Residents are advised to choose the nearest sampling site for nucleic acid testing, and are encouraged to pay attention to the wechat official account of the institution to be sampled in advance, and to make test appointment, input personal information and pay online payment in advance, so as to reduce your waiting time for sampling.

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