Four novels that are still at their peak long after their completion, with a 9.7 rating from 10,000 people, can’t get enough of reading them three times

Hello, everyone, I am murmuring blue, every day for you to recommend wonderful and good-looking quality net articles, pay attention to me for more information.Today, we introduce four novels that are still at the peak after a long time. Ten thousand people score 9.7, even brush three times are not tired of “Perfect World” Chen Dong Chen Dong’s work of the highest achievement, won the first place in the 2014 annual list.Dust can fill the sea, a grass cut all the sun, moon and stars, a snap of the earth.Qunxiong and up, thousands of tribes, young out of the wilderness……Highlight clip: “They’ve called me Shi Hao since I was a kid.”The child whispered, his head bowed, his face sad.”Why don’t you call it that, and I’ll change it.”The boy had suffered so much for him that he didn’t want to part with the name he had been using.”No, I’ll just change it. It’s a name that brings back memories and I want to end it all.””Pet companion” disorderly royal animal flow peak, the final let countless people in tears.A young soul pet division, in the change of the soul pet accompanied by more dream of precious soul pet, toward the highest peak of the strong unremitting efforts!The claws tore the ice armor of Chu Wu’s body, and immediately the body was completely exposed to the claws of the Wolf.The ice empty spirit saw the Wolf in the mpire, immediately gave a furious cry, the body fierce rotation……”You continue to use the ice wall to block the three Soulpets.”Chu Twilight immediately issued a command to the ice empty elf.”Celebrate more Than years” cat is currently a sequel full of expectations of a net article, because of film and television dividend, the novel once again hit the top 100 best-selling.The novel tells the story of the growth of a young man named Fan Xian, with two clues, one bright and one dark, slowly presenting the ups and downs of qing Country over the decades.After finishing his account, Fan Sze seemed to think of the question that Fan Xian had just raised. He touched his head, frowned and thought for a while, then said, “Of course, it is to study to become an official and to have a bright family line.”Fan Xian looked at him with a funny look and asked, “Is that true?””No,” fan said weakly, leaning over the table, “it was a good beating when mother heard.””Coiling Dragon” I eat tomato with old grandpa liu Kaishan works, plus tomato good at brotherly love and upgrade map, it can be said is the west magic type must read classic.Tells the story of Lin Lei inadvertently picked up a magical ring from ancestral home, and then set foot on the dream of the journey.Highlight clip: “my warrior strength is only four, relying on the warrior strength alone, is to fight these two wind wolves.”Lin Lei bottom of my heart finally had a trace of excitement, “but so just some challenge.”Looking at that two wind Wolf to come quietly, Lin Lei’s lips slightly moved to read the magic incantation, the vision more sen cold.Today’s recommendation is here, if you like my recommendation, please don’t forget to like and forward oh, the most important thing is please give me a attention, thank you very much, I am murmure blue, we will see you next time, choo mi.

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