Jinzhou provincial science and technology innovation platform total number ranks the third in the province

Our reporter Cui Zhi reported that with the help of the provincial science and technology innovation base optimization integration of the opportunity, jinzhou science and technology innovation platform construction has been rapid development.In 2021, Jinzhou has successively established one provincial key laboratory, four provincial industrial technology innovation centers, seven municipal industrial generic technology innovation centers and 38 municipal industrial specialized technology innovation centers.Up to now, Jinzhou has established 98 technological innovation platforms mainly based on enterprises, including 65 provincial-level technological innovation platforms, ranking third in total in the province.173 scientific research projects were carried out, and the profits from the transformation of achievements reached 538 million yuan.According to the “three-in-one” mode of “leading enterprises in science and technology as the” leader “, universities in Jinzhou as the support, and domestic first-class scientific research institutions as the guidance, Jinzhou constantly optimizes the layout of the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, and strives to build an innovation-driven development engine.There are 25 provincial key laboratories in the city, ranking third in total in the province.There are 38 industrial technical innovation centers in The province, with the total number jumping from the eighth place in 2019 to the fourth place in the province.The industry covers equipment manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine, fine chemicals and other key industries.Jinzhou adheres to the two key points of improving innovation ability and transforming RESEARCH and development achievements. By accelerating the construction of various scientific and technological innovation platforms, the city effectively enhances the ability of enterprises to undertake major projects, create independent intellectual property rights and gather high-level talents.In the past two years, relying on the science and technology innovation platform, jinzhou enterprises have undertaken the implementation of 16 national and provincial science and technology planning projects, accounting for 69.7% of the total number of projects undertaken in the city, and received 49.9 million yuan of special funds for science and technology, accounting for 92.1% of the total amount of funds jinzhou has sought.In particular, shengong Semiconductor, Jinzhou Jietong Railway, RheI Power and other enterprises, relying on the provincial industrial technical center to undertake the implementation of “200mm semiconductor grade low defect silicon single-crystal wafer research and development and industrialization” and other three major provincial science and technology projects.

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