Boost new drivers of consumption!”Taobao-style Spring Festival” depicts a new picture of “Spring Festival goods economy”

CFIC Introduction With the popularity of online shopping, the Spring Festival as usual delivery, distribution has become a major trend, more and more consumers through Taobao and other e-commerce platforms online shopping to send home, people do not arrive first, home to see the world, New Year dishes the next day…Fancy “Spring Festival does not close” service, opened the “New Year goods economy” new picture.Tiger Spring Festival, the flavor is strong.With the popularity of online shopping, the Spring Festival as usual delivery and distribution has become a major trend, more and more consumers through Taobao and other e-commerce platforms online shopping goods to send home, people before the gift first, home to see the world, The next day to pick up New Year dishes……Fancy “Spring Festival does not close” service, opened the “New Year goods economy” new picture.Industry pointed out that Chinese New Year “” taobao type endowed with new connotation and taste,” year “on the one hand, to bring consumers more fresh, otherwise the festival atmosphere and happiness, on the other hand, the new service model also is pushing for New Year customs culture formation, to boost consumption, stimulate domestic demand to open a new space, the Spring Festival add new vitality.”This year’s Spring Festival presents several obvious new consumer trends, including new products brought about by new hot spots such as the Winter Olympics and the Year of the Tiger, as well as’ new products’ introduced to cater to young people by regular items such as Spring Festival couplets and food.”Taobao Spring Festival marketing director Zeng Ni said that to a certain extent, the change of goods, also reflects the change of customs.It is reported that a floor washer, chef prepared New Year’s eve dishes, ski clothes, scripts, low-calorie snacks, Spring Festival mobile phone case, creative Spring Festival couplets, New Year’s Eve flower cuddle bucket, tiger hats and pet New Year clothes are all on the list of “Top 10 New Year’s Goods for the Year of the Tiger” released by Taobao.Among them, the transaction of goods with “tiger” has been greatly improved: the year of the Tiger couplets, year of the Tiger hoodie, year of the Tiger bags, tiger hats and other commodities search volume, rose by 500%;On average, 257,000 “Year of the Tiger” -themed mobile phone cases are sold every day, and a Taobao shop in Shanxi Province that makes tiger hats has seen sales increase by 300 percent over the previous year.The Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics. “One billion people go to the ice and snow” also makes ice and snow sports the most fashionable winter activity, which also drives sales of ski clothing, snowboards and other equipment to double year on year.There are also many “new tricks” for traditional Lunar New Year goods.Nowadays, people hope to have a sense of ritual for the Chinese New Year easily, so the ground washing machine has become a household cleaning responsibility, and the prepared Chinese New Year dishes by chefs are “hot” by consumers.”You can’t travel during Spring Festival, but you have to eat all over the country.”Harvest report business principal Liu Qian introduces, this year its store New Year’s Eve dinner prefabricated vegetable sales increased 3 times, because dish color is more diverse and rich, unit price also increases 50%, especially by 70, 80 consumer crowd favor.According to the report on Taobao’s New Year’s Eve dinner in 2022, prepared dishes have developed rapidly this year. Influenced by the epidemic and other factors, convenient, rich and delicious prepared dishes have become the first choice on New Year’s Eve.Among them, braised pork, soy sauce duck, Buddha tiaoqiang, steamed yellow croaker, garlic steak, hairy crab and other meat dishes are the most popular.Liu Yunhe, a prepared food researcher at the Processing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said the prepared vegetable market is developing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 20 percent. Its output value reached 240 billion yuan in 2019, rose to 340 billion yuan in 2020, and is expected to reach 500 billion yuan next year.The hang Seng survey found that with social and economic development, lifestyle changes, urbanization, small family, single economy, “lazy economy” and “efficient living” have brought new family dining table demand.Wei Pengju, director of the Cultural and Economic Research Institute of The Central University of Finance and Economics, said that the “Taobao-style Spring Festival” has become a trend.In 2022, the theme of family reunion is even stronger.The increasingly rich material conditions and cultural supplies also provide innovative soil for the formation of New Year customs.”Wei pengju said.Zhejiang Quzhou Wuxi River bank, sturgeon breeding and processing workshop, local villagers engaged in caviar production Fang Qin and villagers in a tense busy.”Caviar from Quzhou allows me to earn 60,000 to 80,000 yuan a year, which allows me to buy clothes for myself, toys for my children and new furniture for my home.””Fang Qin said.Her village, Shishi Village, quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was listed in the “100 Villages Short Sale Plan” for the Tmall New Year’s Shopping Festival. Within a few days, the kaluga caviar in her hands and that of her fellow workers was sent to all parts of China and even overseas, becoming a popular food on consumers’ tables.During the 2022 Tmall New Year’s Shopping Festival, “Sell 100 Villages short” will recommend the special agricultural products of one province a day, focusing on 23 provincial administrative regions and more than 110 counties, including pangtou fish from Chagan Lake, pineapple from Sanya in Hainan Province, seafood from Zhoushan in Zhejiang Province, and apples from Aksu in Xinjiang Province.Ministry of the electronic commerce institute associate researcher, said HongYong Tmall Spring Festival 100 villages “sell” a head of key projects connected to the fields, one end connected to hundreds of millions of consumers, not only solved the “slow” “hard” problem, but also can realize the expectations of farmers “sell”, increase farmers’ income, farmers have a good year.As agricultural products and special products were sold out, many villagers no longer went out to work, but returned to their hometowns for employment.In Quzhou Shishi township, where Fang Qin lives, for example, the caviar industry has helped 200 villagers find jobs at their doorstep, and nearly 200 more have joined farming cooperatives in the form of contract agriculture, achieving a significant increase in income.In recent years, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms have made continuous efforts to help farmers.In May 2020, Alibaba established the Digital Rural and Regional Economic Development Department, integrating more than 20 agriculture-related business capabilities and ecological forces, including Taobao, Tmall, Hema, Taocai and Aliyun, to promote industrial development and digital governance in rural areas.At present, Ali Digital Village has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 150 counties in China.In May 2021, Alibaba launched the “Hot Land Plan”, announcing that it would help revitalize rural areas from three aspects of industry, talent and science and technology. Through the platform’s ecological and technological strength, rural specialties would be “famous” and farmers would enjoy more dividends due to the “brand agriculture”.Spring Festival e-commerce service “not closed” consumption adds new momentum to stay at home to see the world, the next day to bring Chinese New Year dishes……Taobao is also offering a different Chinese New Year experience with its “open shop” service.From January 24 to February 8, 200,000 Taobao Tmall merchants will deliver goods as usual during the Spring Festival, covering 95 percent of the country’s cities.In addition, Taobao will also provide more “Spring Festival closing” services for consumers.Behind the new Chinese New Year experience are improvements made by e-commerce companies in response to consumer demand.During the Spring Festival, Cainiao invested a record 150,000 people, of whom more than 100,000 were on duty at cainiao Post, ensuring that taobao’s Tmall packages were delivered to your door.It is their adherence to the post that makes consumers feel the “freshness” and convenience of thick New Year flavor.Industry insiders believe that all kinds of new signs show that the Spring Festival has moved from a state where everyone suspends to a state where people need more services, and e-commerce platforms such as Taobao are important participants and boosters in this process.More and more people are finding new ways to celebrate the Spring Festival with their fancy “Spring Festival open” service offered by Taobao Style Spring Festival.”The cultural genes of nian customs will be inherited, while the ways of Celebrating the New Year will be constantly enriched. It will take on new characteristics of The Times with the development of historical society.The 2022 Spring Festival, although there is the epidemic, but the theme of family reunion is more rich, and there are also New Year customs such as following the Winter Olympics and killing scripts.The increasingly rich material conditions and cultural supplies also provide innovative soil for the formation of New Year customs.”Wei Pengju thinks.These changes have also injected new momentum into the Spring Festival goods economy, making the Spring Festival an important opportunity to promote consumption and expand domestic demand.At the same time, the rise of “Taobao Style Spring Festival” and other new trends, further opened a greater growth space for holiday consumption, but also become the focus of various departments to implement policies.Author: Guo Qian wang Wenbo source: Economic Information Daily wechat editor:Daren endy Shanghai securities news, Xinhua News Agency, the China Securities Regulatory Commission legal disclosure of securities market information media, founded in 1991, is the first to provide authoritative financial securities professional information of national financial daily, has been formed covering the newspaper, website, client, video, platform of WeChat, weibo, etc, in all media finance media matrix.Pursue political moral character, news character, professional taste, service quality, first-class brand, to be a “product” all-media financial information service provider, to be your decision-making adviser, investment consultant, financial assistant.Because of dedication, so professional;Because believe, so see……

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