Hebei: Improve the supervision mechanism and strengthen the construction of clean government

On February 8, Hebei High People’s Court held the 2022 Conference on The Construction of Party conduct, Clean government and anti-corruption in the courts of hebei Province.Huang Mingyao, party secretary and president of Hebei High People’s Court attended the meeting and made a speech.Meeting request, the provincial court to chi and promote the judicial supervision, perfect the internal supervision mechanism and system of execution supervision mechanism, fully use information regulation means, advance the judge disciplinary work, comprehensive enhancement system execution, deepening the special style of discipline, continued to loosen lighter and build the clerkstarts thick atmosphere.We should punish judicial corruption from within, comprehensively use the “four forms” of supervision and discipline enforcement, deepen warning education and give full play to our functions to severely punish duty crimes.We must unswervingly fulfill our political responsibility to supervise and govern the Party, strictly enforce the principal responsibility, strictly fulfill the responsibility of supervision, fully support supervision and discipline enforcement, consolidate and deepen the achievements of the education and rectification of the people’s Courts, establish and improve the mechanism for ensuring the rights of Party members, and constantly improve the level of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, the People’s Courts, and the people’s Courts.

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