(Purchase intention) 20.5 million, Fujian Cancer Hospital medical equipment procurement in 2022

Government procurement Intention of Fujian Cancer Hospital from March to December 2022 In order to facilitate suppliers to timely understand the government procurement information,According to the notice of Ministry of Finance on Launching Public Work of Government Procurement Intention (Treasury [2020] No. 10), Notice of Fujian Provincial Department of Finance on Launching Public Work of Government Procurement Intention (Min Finance Purchase Letter [2020] No. 21) and other relevant provisions,Now the procurement intention of (Fujian Cancer Hospital) from March (to December) 2022 is disclosed as follows:No. Procurement Unit Procurement Item Item Procurement Requirement Overview Budget Amount (ten thousand yuan) Reserved Purchase amount for smes (ten thousand yuan) Expected Date Remarks 1 Fujian Cancer Hospital Flow mass Spectrometry and Imaging Mass Spectrometer (CYTOF) [A032017] Clinical laboratory equipment Purchased based on usage requirements 11002022-06 None 2 Fujian Cancer3 Fujian Cancer Hospital Confocal Laser microscope (including super-resolution module) [A032017] Clinical laboratory Equipment Purchased 6502022-06 None note:The column of “Purchase amount reserved for small and medium-sized enterprises” shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of circular on Printing and Issuing issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Treasury [2020] No. 46).The procurement intention disclosed this time is the preliminary arrangement of the government procurement work of our company. The specific procurement project information shall be subject to the relevant procurement announcement and procurement documents.

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