The article throughout the New Year!New GitHub star standard 114K microservice architecture full-color advanced manual on Alibaba open source

In today’s digital economy, microservices architecture has become the mainstream architecture model for corporate business construction, representing the future trend of technology development, and microservices have become a necessary skill for developers.Starting from the design concept and methodology of microservice architecture, this book comprehensively introduces the characteristics, usage scenarios, organizational processes, construction interaction, deployment delivery and other key links and core elements of software engineering of microservice from different angles. It not only includes the source code interpretation and principle analysis of specific microservice technology, but also provides a comprehensive introduction to the characteristics of microservice.Real cases and practical experience accumulated by the author in telecom and finance are also added.The book is divided into principle, practice and advanced.Principles cover the concept of microservices, adoption premise, domain-driven design, DevOps;In the practical chapter, important technical topics such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud governance framework, system integration, micro-service data architecture, micro-service delivery, micro-service monitoring are explained in depth.The advanced part mainly introduces functional programming and responsive microservice architecture, Kubernetes and cloud native architecture ecology.Book for beginners to understand not only the micro service architecture, also can be used as a team manager or architect advanced micro service architecture technical reference manual for space limitations, here only to show you the directory and part of the content, the full version has been prepared, need to get the friend of learning, the trouble to help forward the thumb up, background or direct messages, to get a complete content for free download.In this section, we will look at the background to the rapid development of microservices architecture, the definition and key features of microservices, and the design philosophy behind them.We will also introduce the premise of using microservice architecture, how to microservize single architecture, and the split migration strategy of monolithic applications from the perspective of actual business scenarios.At the same time, the construction process of microservices architecture will be discussed in detail around software engineering elements such as technology, organization and process management, and in-depth explanation of Conway’s Law, DevOps, domain-driven design, cloud native 12 elements and related concepts, theories and architecture principles.Chapter 1 Overview of Microservices Chapter 2 Introduction of Microservices Chapter 3 Practice of Microservice Construction This is a practice of microservice architecture. We will discuss how to practice and implement microservice architecture from the technical implementation level.Under the micro-service architecture mode, basic functions such as service startup, service registration, configuration management, fault tolerance, load balancing and security can be realized quickly and efficiently by using a service development mode called chassis mode.This article focuses on Pivotal’s open source Spring Boot project and its technical practices in this mode.The difficulty of microservice architecture is the complexity of fine-grained service interaction and service governance under distributed architecture.This article introduces the SpringCloud framework to explain the key technologies of microservices governance system and how to ensure the SLAL of services.At the same time, we will introduce the current mainstream technology practices and solutions in fine-grained service interaction integration, data consistency management, service delivery deployment, service monitoring and tracking, etc.Chapter 4 scaffolding chapter 5 chapter 6 key technology system integration ZhangWei service data architecture 7 8 chapter 9 ZhangWei service delivery service monitoring governance advanced piece of the rapid development of Internet technology, the expansion of the user, quick business updates and product requirements of continuous iterative evolution is the scale of the system, resource consumption, fast response ability brings greater challenges.In microservices development, the Spring5 integrated Reactor responsive framework has revolutionized programming models and paradigms for Java developers.From Spring Boot 2.x to the latest Spring Cloud ecosystem, the Spring Microservices framework has been constantly iterating and evolving to meet the demands of fast, responsive, and scalable business.Kubernetes has become the de facto container runtime choreography standard in microservice runs and container choreography.This article will introduce the architecture concept and key components of Kubernet ES, as well as the integration and development of Kubernet ES with the Spring Cloud ecosystem.In terms of the development trend of microservices architecture, we will introduce the cloud native application architecture and the two technical areas that microservices are currently focusing on :Service Mesh Service grid and Serverless computing framework.Chapter 10 responsive micro service architecture Chapter 11 Kubernetes container management chapter 12 micro service development trend article show here is over, need to obtain learning friends, please help to like forward, background private letter or, free access to the complete content download method.

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