When a person changes his mind, in fact, you can see his mind

After meeting love, in fact, many people want to have a perfect ending, but some people may be different from what you think, once the promise can be forgotten.Some people, walk on the loose, people to a certain age, sometimes said to break up, it may be a lifetime can not meet again.Once beautiful is also vividly, but many feelings ultimately can not withstand the grinding of reality, after all, tempted is a person’s nature, and loyal to a person is a choice.As hard as it is to accept, the other person has changed, and you will never be the same again.As an adult, you should know that people who have changed their hearts can never return to their original appearance even if you try to retain them. Only when you learn to look forward and keep moving forward can you find better things.Most of the time, there is really no need to deceive oneself, the heart is not in, so he also want to do this person!01, Always Like to crush when you like a person, he is always attractive, even if you do not perform so well, but in his eyes, you are always like a shining point.This is the feeling of loving someone. Although you are not the most perfect person, you are unique in their heart.Once a person has changed his heart, then you are not as beautiful in his eyes as before, always pick a bone from an egg and feel that you do everything wrong.When you do the same thing as before, but in the eyes of the other side, you always have a lot of mistakes.In fact, man is a kind of animal, once there is a new prey in the heart, so good to you, will naturally disappear.He finds fault with everything you do, as if you were a mistake being around him.02, you have a perfunctory mood in a relationship, only pay each other sincere, can maintain the sweet feelings, because time can witness all the hypocrisy.A person to your mind, in front of time is not deceiving people, to your care and consideration are shown in your get along.Feelings need interaction, if one side of the enthusiasm, can only be exchanged for the other side look on coldly, then the relationship between you, in fact, there has been a rift.Everything you have not excited his emotional changes, in the face of such treatment, do not silly to pay, a person’s feelings for you, in fact, a lot of time is reflected in his attitude.Some men are really despicable, do not want to become love in the violence, with care, indifferent attitude to let each other down.Once there is no passion and care in the relationship, then reluctantly together, can only be torture each other.Do not love, do not continue to hurt, no true feelings, must timely stop loss.Author: Dye xia Yingzi, a girl like text and tea, free writer, your emotional story I to interpret, can consult, welcome to pay attention to, like, collect, comment and forward ah!

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