Nine employees of a company were collectively sentenced after drinking and provoking trouble

A case of picking quarrels and stirring up trouble after drinking.Nine employees of the same company had a quarrel with others after drinking and began to beat people, and were sentenced to detention for four months to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and three months and compensate the victim 500,000 yuan……Recently, Yinchuan City Jinfeng District people’s Court concluded such a case of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.Review of the case nine defendants are all employees working in the same company, one night in November 2020, the defendant Li mou, Wu Mou a, Zhang xx drunk in Yinchuan City, Jinfeng District, a restaurant in front of the car, and Chen reversing at the restaurant door a quarrel.Sitting in Chen a car tuo so-and-so, Ma so-and-so, Feng got off and the defendant Li, Wu a, Zhang so-and-so “theory” and pushing each other, the defendant Chen b, Wu B, Shen so-and-so, Wu C, Wang A, Wang B also came forward to ma and others to beat,After the defendant Chen mou b, Wu mou a, Shen and liu Mou arrived at the scene after receiving feng, Chen mou C punch and kick.The victim Ma xx injury is more serious, the right clavicle and 6 ribs fracture, facial soft tissue injury, etc., identified by the degree of damage to the body is a minor injury;The victim liu bodily injury degree were two minor injuries;The victim Feng, Chen c body damage degree for minor injuries.After the case, the defendant Chen mou b, Li mou, Wu MOU A, Zhang xx, Wu Mou B, Shen xx, Wu MOU C, Wang Mou A, Wang Mou B was summoned to the case truthfully confessed the crime;The nine defendants jointly compensate each victim for economic losses amounting to 500,000 yuan and obtain understanding.XXL one, after court that the defendant Wu Mou, shen so-and-so, Wu Mou b, wang mou, li mou a certain, zhang x, Wu Mou c, wang mou drunk in a public place to beat others, two minor injuries, minor injury, seriously disrupt public order, if the circumstances are bad, its behavior constituted a stir-up-trouble crime, criminal punishment should be.The nine defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from four months in detention to one year and three months in prison after considering their role in the joint crime, their surrender, admission of guilt, compensation and understanding.All nine defendants agreed to serve their sentences without appeal.The judge reminded the cause of the case is Chen jia found the defendant Li leaning on his car when reversing, then whistled for Li Mou to leave, but Li mou and others drunk fever, because of a bit of small things aggressive, out of the “brothers loyalty heavy” concept, hurt people, regardless of the consequences.Article 293, Paragraph 1 (1) of China’s Criminal Law stipulates: “Whoever randomly beats another person, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.”The crime of picking fights and provoking troubles refers to the crime committed by the perpetrator of wanton provocation, beating and harassing others at will, destroying and occupying public and private property at will, or making trouble in public places, resulting in serious damage to the social order.Article 293 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that whoever commits any of the following acts of picking fights and provoking trouble, thus disrupting public order, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance:(2) chasing, intercepting, abusing or threatening another person to a flagrant extent;(3) forcibly taking, demanding, willfully damaging, destroying or occupying public or private property to a serious extent;(4) stirring up trouble in public places.Causing serious disorder in public places.Whoever gathers another person to repeatedly commit the acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph, thus seriously undermining public order, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and may also be fined.Original title: “Drunk picking quarrels and provoking trouble a company nine employees were sentenced collectively”

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