Northeast Road 53

Malaysia teeth is a ready man, just stayed in the gold mine in the town feel suffocated to death a few days, as long as there is free every day went to run only two theaters in the town, a bubble is a night, the karaoke bars here is actually a disguised form of brothels, inside with a dozen young lady, is from the south, long though not very good, but because of content with rare for expensive,Their business is actually quite good, and the people behind these two karaoke bars are the town’s current road big brother and grand army and handsome.People have been talking to the army about Daniel ever since he came to the karaoke.Guard report up, although the elder brother of the two are twins, but character is very different, army elder brother is a man of impulse, what things are with one share MengJin, fight is such, so also do other things, according to his meaning, since Malaysia teeth active delivery, that is: don’t mention it, just through this opportunity, give da-cheng sun some color to see see,Let him know here has changed the day, if Sun Dacheng sense words hurriedly take these people to leave, otherwise will let him know what is fierce!But don’t think so, brother prince for the young man went to college, usually with a pair of eyes, look elegant, but far from calculating his eldest brother than of recklessness, he consider further, it is not know da-cheng sun back up the gang is that celestial beings, don’t know their deep shallow water, he immediately turned against and da-cheng sun in disapproval, even start,Also want to know oneself know enemy hind in action, in this point, big handsome compare his big brother strong too much.Although the commander repeatedly warned his brother not to act rashly, but the army did not listen to his brother’s advice, and horse teeth turned against.That night, all the teeth and as usual, into the karaoke rooms are ordered two miss accompanied him to sing, the two young lady already acquainted with him, and drank a few beers and Malaysia teeth decided today to take the girl named Danny, although the girl is not beautiful, but very feng SAO, a see be belong to the type of bed slut,For the current single one big horse teeth, the most appropriate.Big horse tooth holding dandan’s arm, swaying out of the room, came to the front of the counter, dozen a wine cough big of say to that chicken head: “today she and I walk, old rules, this is 200 pieces.”He reached into his pocket for his wallet, pulled out three hundred-dollar bills and threw them on the counter.The extra hundred was to pay for the drinks and the room, which, in Damian’s experience, was enough.”Fuck, are you sending beggars?Who are you fooling with this money?”, no such as head of a dog than the tail of a lion, from behind the counter in the room slowly come out of a young man, five big three thick, long a pair of eyes under the thick black eyebrows emit cold yoshimitsu come, see that is a tough Lord, this man is force, a person to play here, today I met all the teeth, immediately come out to look for his awkward.If the ordinary people, must be scared enough, but what is Dama ya, and Zhang Zhuang together in H city fighting the world old cannon, what scene has not seen, suddenly understand, this is to meet a rip-off!He is also a person who is used to running amok in H city, and he is worried to have no place to vent his anger because he has been hiding in the city for some time. Here comes such a dull fellow, the bellicose component in Horse teeth immediately came out, and he calmly asked in a soft voice: “Why, less?””Hold, take 3 pieces to come out to think enough, tell you, this money connect wine money all not enough!””, the grand army side to and fro with the three fold knife, while looking at the horse teeth said coldly.Big horse tooth is good temper now some evil spirit, return gather together to the front of the army, tian tian smile happily of cross-examine: “that big brother, do you see how much money I get?”The army snorted the nose, said Sun Dacheng extremely cruel and merciless, his brothers are also a character, but now it seems not how ah!Light from the front of the big men like this pair of bear, I’m afraid da-cheng sun relied at bluffing up before, his younger brother prince also put da-cheng sun this several people estimated that serious, it seems that he is too overrated, such a man is confident he can own pulled down ten eight, thought of here army hand thirty percent of dao, the pa in the counter on your desktop, said:”A thousand for the wine!Five hundred to go, and if you want to bring her out, two thousand more, fuck, one point less, break off your fingernails!”Big horse teeth heard this, the attack was gas joy, eyes full of ridicule looking at the lion big mouth guy, drag the side of that call Dandan young lady, leisurely ask: “she, two thousand!”Then he put his nose close to her neck and sniffed hard. “Let me see,” he said. “It’s worth two thousand..Said, suddenly and fiercely will push Daniel, a lean backhand army catch hair, into your arms forcibly dragged, hand, fiercely will force the cutting head in solid table at the counter, at the same time, the other one focuses on a bottle of wine on the counters, hard hit in his head, although with a crunchy, his bottle smashed to bits,And blood immediately gushed from the heads of careless armies.”** of, also don’t sprinkle bubble urine shine on oneself what virtue!Tell me about it!Tell you to pretend!”, Malaysia teeth scold the side, the side and grabbed a bottle, hard hit by his press in force on the table, the army pain twisted body, trying to make out his head from the hands of Malaysian teeth, but actual combat veteran Malaysian teeth that gave him the opportunity to, as he put a few bottles successively in the blow after the army’s head, army body began to collapse,He’s obviously in shock from the beating.Big horse tooth this just loosen hand, look at the army that collapse in the ground, relaxed clap clap hands, disdain of say: “hold, what toy!”See this scene, that call dandan young lady and still silly standing behind the counter of the chicken head silly, they certainly know what the army is, did not think of the twinkling of an eye was in front of this humble person to waste.Horse teeth smiled at the chicken head and said, “Well, you don’t mind if I take her out now?”, the head of the chicken head not consciously of again and again nodded, now this kind of situation he also can say what!Malaysia teeth with one hand holding Daniel, another hand with hand in on the counter that thirty percent knife up and pull the knife work is him, and the steel quality is very good, Malaysia teeth looked at carefully, blowing the whistle mouth, very natural and unrestrained to shake a circle, the knife close up thirty percent, going to the door.He was so careless that Fang didn’t notice that someone had come up behind him and something cold pressed against the back of his head. “Don’t move!I thought this was your home!Just go!””In his voice, the cold sweat of horse teeth brushed down, slowly turned around, and saw a black muzzle on his forehead.

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