Overseas earthquake A shares plunged, how to do?Northbound capital continues to flow into Chinese assets!

1, experts called institutional investors: straighten the spine of A shares The recent weak performance of the A share market is an overreaction to negative factors, and this overreaction is conducted by institutional investors.At present, the proportion of institutional investors in the market in China has greatly increased, and their financial strength has also changed. However, many institutional investors have shortcomings in their investment ideas, especially their short-term judgment of market hot spots and industry valuation, which cannot play the role of ballast and anchor of the market.2, overseas huge earthquake A shares plunged, how to do?Star private equity emergency solution: should not be too pessimistic brokerages Chinese reporters rushed to interview a number of star private equity, most of the private equity that the current should not be too pessimistic, but more confidence, positive bargain layout.In addition, from the survey, although the market volatility has increased, the mainstream private equity institutions still maintain a medium-high position.3, jimin letter: the market is so volatile I still hold the fund?Data, according to the results of open years fall in fact is not a rare thing, though at the time, investors may indeed, but further is calculated from the beginning of this year to December 31, 2021, the Shanghai index, partial shares fund index of yield, can be found, whether it is a partial shares fund index, and the Shanghai composite index have a positive income, looking back at that time short-term fluctuations,It is not so terrible, pour quite some “take in the mountains small” feeling.4, and a number of fund companies to move!Since the purchase of large single frequency, but in the A share open year down key point, A number of fund companies and fund managers announced subscription or subscription of their funds, to the market to pass A positive signal.Wind statistics, as of January 25, there have been as many as 14 fund companies with real gold platinum to buy their funds, involving an amount of nearly 400 million yuan, if the announcement has not yet implemented the self-purchase, to open the year from purchase is expected to break through 450 million yuan.5. FOF reduces risk preference to buy large amounts of medium – and long-term pure bond funds in the fourth quarter. According to the data of the fourth quarter, FOF has increased the allocation proportion of low-risk funds as a whole, specifically by substantially increasing its holdings of medium – and long-term pure bond funds and reducing its holdings of equity funds.6, the market has reached the critical point after the crash?Eight fund companies interpretation of China Fund said that today’s market adjustment, external risk is still an important main cause.Globally, the risk aversion of investors has increased significantly. The regional crisis situation is affecting the prices of major assets including agricultural products, industrial metals, stocks and bonds in the short term, and negatively impacting the risk appetite of the A-share market.7, some investors value stable returns, new characteristic fund highlights enter 2022, hold to the agreed period can be redeemed at any time after the fund, fund of funds (FOF), “fixed income +” and other new products have been welcomed by the market, become a highlight of the recent fund issuance.According to the analysis of public fund sources, the trend of asset allocation of Chinese residents’ wealth towards equity assets will not change.As jimin gradually mature and rational, part of the jimin prefer to be able to obtain stable income products.8. Foreign investors held a record amount of RMB bonds, and the northbound capital continued to surge into Chinese assets. Foreign investors bought Chinese assets in large quantities.After net buying hit A record high in 2021, northbound capital still accelerated its buying of A-shares at the beginning of 2022.At the same time, foreign investors’ holdings of Chinese bonds also hit a record high.9, the network spread a brokerage due to pay cut and delayed the year-end bonus company response: rumors rumors of false bond industry pay cut rumor is rampant, the network spread a brokerage has “one step ahead”, decided to delay the year-end bonus before the year.The brokerage responded to the Financial Union reporter, “Relevant rumors are not true, the company has not issued year-end bonuses before the Spring Festival in the past.10. What’s going on?As of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the list of the top 10 heavy positions of China Merchants Bank public fund was released, which were: Kweichow Moutai, Ningde Times, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Longji Shares, wuxi Kant, Oriental Wealth, China Merchants Bank, Mindray Medical and Lixun Precision.In the top ten heavy warehouse stocks, the bank shares left only one China Merchants Bank.

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