Tai ‘an Dajinkou township held fireworks “non” special action

In order to further do a good job in this winter spring fireworks safety supervision, strengthen the safety in production during the Spring Festival, thorough screening management security hidden danger, to prevent and reduce production safety accidents, on Jan. 25, Tai’an City taishan scenic spot dajin mouth township held fireworks “illegal” special operation and the Spring Festival will top comprehensive safety inspection deployment.Meetings deployed fireworks “illegal action were inspected the specific requirements, request the villages, industry departments and units to the area under its jurisdiction before the Spring Festival all production and business operation entity to achieve full coverage checking, establish working parameter, eliminate all kinds of accidents, within their respective jurisdictions to ensure that no problem, and set up a special leading group action,Further clear inspection time, inspection content, inspected units, will take the form of “four not two straight” to carry out supervision.All villages should strengthen the grid inspection of fireworks, and those who violate the prohibition of production, storage, embargo, sale, burning and release of fireworks should be punished by relevant law enforcement departments.In the inspection work, it is necessary to pay close attention to the implementation of the main responsibility for production safety, strictly implement the safety guarantee plan, do a solid job in self-examination and self-rectification of potential safety problems, fully cover the investigation of potential problems, implement epidemic prevention and control measures, comprehensively improve the level of safety management and safety guarantee capacity, and ensure stability and stability of safety prevention and control.Next, Dajinkou township will continue to carry out fireworks “illegal” action and pre-festival safety production inspection work, further implement safety measures, reduce the risk of accidents, to ensure that the people of the township have a happy and healthy festival.(Reporting by Cao Rufeng, dazhong Daily client reporter)

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