The district Committee of the Peace League held a symposium on youth representatives

The 13th Provincial Party Congress proposed to build youth-friendly blocks, and the municipal Party Congress also proposed to build youth-friendly blocks and talent-growing cities in the next five years.In order to implement the requirements of the grassroots organization reform of the Communist Youth League in the county, the District Committee of the Peace League deeply promoted the mid – and long-term youth development plan of the Peace District, and mobilized the general youth league members to actively participate in the special action of “Revitalizing the new breakthrough I want to be the pioneer”.On January 28, a symposium was held on youth representatives of “Revitalizing new breakthroughs and I want to be a pioneer”.With the theme of “Building a youth-friendly Neighborhood”, the symposium was held respectively for young entrepreneurs and college students returning to their hometowns according to different industries and youth composition.Young entrepreneurs from the areas of catering, media, culture, science and technology, leaders of some non-public enterprise youth league organizations, members of the Youth Federation, outstanding youth representatives, returning college students and so on attended the discussion.Everyone talked about their own business stories, experience and goals and ideals, their own confusion, expectations for the Communist Youth League, suggestions on building youth-friendly blocks and economic and social development in Heping District.At the meeting, the youth representatives had in-depth exchanges on youth employment and entrepreneurship, housing and education, quality of life and other aspects to build consensus.On the issue of youth employment and entrepreneurship, Chen Litong of China Resources Changbaiwanxianghui suggested: “Enhance school-enterprise communication, build a communication platform between employers and college students, release the job list of internship units in a targeted way, and attract excellent college students to work in peace internship.””Based on the existing industrial base of peace, focus on cultivating new industrial clusters to increase the number of college students employed,” suggested Tang Muchi, a returning college student.Tan Dongyu, a returnee college student, said, “Heping District has unique advantages in attracting talents. It has issued relevant policies, but many young people do not know how to obtain policy information. The public employment service system needs to be optimized.”On the issue of how to live in peace for young people, huang Ziming, a returning college student, suggested that with the help of some information means to push some policies suitable for young people to young people, simplify the process, so that young people really feel the warmth of the city, to achieve peace and contentment.On youth quality life, heping district youth committee and shenyang cheng, general manager of 108 elite fitness training venue Duan Ran Suggestions play, every enterprise has its own advantages, to achieve resource sharing, relying on the merit such as street, taiyuan business street youth, rich and colorful activities, to improve youth cross-industry, across different systems, regional exchanges, and meet the needs of the integration of youth, dating, marriage, etc.Xia Xin Diceng, secretary of The Youth League Working Committee of Taiyuan Street, suggested to create experiential consumption scenes around the characteristics of youth consumption, provide fashionable shopping experience scenes, and create a youthful and dynamic city image.The relevant person in charge of the District Committee of the Peace Youth League said that the district Committee of the Youth League would actively mark the advanced experience in the next step, build a “young state” integrating the ideological guidance system of youth, the policy system of youth development and the comprehensive service system of youth, and extensively arrange the “youth home” with a 15-minute “life circle” to improve the livable degree of youth.On the basis of youth liaison stations and youth leagues, social activities such as sodality and quality development will be carried out extensively to promote interaction and communication among young people. Various measures will be taken to solve practical problems of young talents, constantly enhance the role of young people in urban development, and enable more outstanding young talents to choose peace, take root in peace, and realize their dreams and dreams.

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