Yangjiang Municipal Government team video New Year’s greetings are popular

During the Spring Festival of 2022, the Municipal Party Committee and The Municipal Government carefully planned to launch a series of New Year’s Eve short videos with the theme of “Moyang New Year flavor”. Under the leadership of Feng Ling, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Yu Jinfu, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, members of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal Government collectively paid a New Year’s visit to the people of the city.”Moyang New Year taste” series of New Year’s video mainly according to three dimensions of custom, beauty, food, respectively produced “painting and Calligraphy opera Welcome spring” “Mountain and sea resonance happy year” “Moyang fragrance warm people” three short videos.Among them, “Painting, Calligraphy and Opera Welcome spring” mainly through spring, lacquer art, kite, opera and other yangjiang characteristics of the New Year customs, to show the unique charm of Yangjiang traditional culture;”Mountain and Sea Resonate Happy Year” mainly through the integration of man and nature, show the advantages of yangjiang livable city and good natural ecology, as well as the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to struggle in the grass-roots front-line on duty personnel, key project builders care and greetings;”Moyang Fragrance warm family” with Moyang family home for the Spring Festival as the clue, with rich food to show the happy life of yangjiang people.In three short videos, members of the municipal party committee and municipal government pay New Year’s greetings to the people of the whole city, showing their ruling style of being close to the people and for the people.Video from New Year’s Eve began to meet with the city’s people, by the citizens of the warm pursuit.As of 11 am today, the three videos had been viewed more than 500,000 times.This morning, the municipal government received the first Chinese New Year gift, 325 National Highway North Spoil to Baisha section of the diversion project officially opened…The Spring Festival is coming, in recent days, the city leaders to carry out pre-festival to send warm sympathy activities, visit the elderly party members, difficult group…28 afternoon, the standing Committee of the municipal people’s Congress party history study education summary meeting held.In recent days, city leaders have been dispatched to various places to carry out epidemic prevention and control and safety work inspection, to ensure that the public enjoy a safe party.Source: Yangjiang Radio and Television Station

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