Here is a different way of Chinese New Year, warm the whole building

“Little princess, peace and joy!” “Together we will win!””In case of difficulty and need,Please contact us immediately, “big Bob from isolated points clear have a New Year greeting have arrived there to ease the quarantine personnel tension and express New Year wishes closing hillsides streets off each screen point of staff through the hand-drawn cartoon image, writers card to isolate personnel and morale at the same time also carefully prepared fruits such as package, dumplings, New Year end gift for isolation researchers spent in isolated point”What a warm year!””All handwritten, touched” “Thank you very much!Warm in heart “” Good intention, also specially used the red bag!”In fact, we want to go back to more than home but a no epidemic problem of the Spring Festival is busy and two-way reunion is fireworks everywhere joy and joy of peace and prosperity of the country is willing to everyone arrived at the end of happiness

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