I do practical things for the masses jincheng Jincheng notary office for the disabled and other special groups to reduce notary fees

I get things done for the populace | jincheng jincheng notarization relief for the disabled and other special groups notarial cost for the masses to get things done, to do good things, do things around my staff “real” pledge “thin” improvements to the ground to see the “effect” strengthen the masses get feeling, happiness and security on the afternoon of February 16, 2022 near while going off work, an old man staggering to notarization,Said his son lives in the city, he wants to go to the police station to transfer the household registration and son together, need to deal with the family relationship notarization.Jincheng notary office staff patiently communicate with the elderly, learned that the elderly is disabled, mobility inconvenience.The staff provided delay service for him in the first time, carried out special cases, worked overtime to accept and review the elderly’s materials, issued the notarial certificate in time, and reduced the notarial service fee for him.After the old man got the notary certificate, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the staff and notary office.With the enhancement of people’s legal awareness, the demand for notarial legal services is also gradually increasing.Jincheng Jincheng Notary Office has actively undertaken its social responsibilities and launched ten service measures for the convenience and benefit of the people to improve service quality and enhance service efficiency.The special groups such as the disabled to reduce the notary fees, open a green channel, provide one-stop notary services, with the heart to do things for the disabled to do good, effectively enhance the disabled sense of gain, happiness, to create a good social atmosphere to help the disabled.Jincheng Notary Office, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province February 17, 2022

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