Leaders of Gongyi visited li Yun, a “good Man in China”

On the afternoon of January 26, Deng Yingwen, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, Jing Xiuxiang, standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and Minister of Publicity visited li Yun, a “good Man of China” volunteer, in the Yongxin Road community of Zijing Road, and sent gifts and money, as well as New Year’s greetings and blessings.At Li Yun’s home, Deng Yingwen inquired about his family, life and health.English on behalf of the party and government to liu yun deng for zhuhai volunteer services and civilized city created thanks to contribute, encourage her to continue to carry forward the spirit of “good”, volunteers play an exemplary role, pass more positive energy to the society, to lead more people up to the good, fresh air to reveal era, as a good addition to the civilized city.Source: Gongyi Rong Media Center, author: Liu Mengmeng, editor: Yang Ruirui

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