Municipal Finance Bureau: with “key post evaluation” as the starting point, continuously change style, improve efficiency and build image

Since the city’s key post evaluation work since the launch, the finance bureau party group carefully control the municipal party committee put forward the “grasp the economy, promote revitalization, change the style, tree new wind” work requirements, strong quality, tree image, strengthen the style of construction, promote the implementation of the work.Through the continuous change of style, improve efficiency, tree image, financial cadres and staff work enthusiasm further improved, the secretary entrepreneurial atmosphere further thick, work efficiency further improved.Especially at the end of the year at the beginning of the year, facing the current financial difficulties, the bureau party group strengthens internal management, actively raises funds, and makes overall arrangements for the city’s capital needs.The 14th batch of house purchase subsidies has been issued before the end of January 2022, with a total amount of 7,528,100 yuan. The subsequent batches of house purchase subsidies are being arranged in an orderly manner. In addition, the industrial electricity price subsidies have been timely cashed, and industrial electricity subsidies of 1,624,700 yuan have been paid to Sanxing Furnace charge.Speed up the speed of financial evaluation, simplify the financial evaluation process, and complete the financial evaluation work within the deadline.Further promoting practical activities for the people, solving the practical problems of liu Haisheng, a migrant package guarantor, and sending warmth to the people in need, 79 practical matters concerning people’s livelihood, and winning praise from the masses for practical activities for the people.

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