The new world ranking changes!Sun Yingsha chao Chen Meng first world number one, Xu Xin ranked a big regression

Recently, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) released a new edition of the world rankings of players. Different from the past, this time there has been a big change in the rankings. It can even be described as “the sky is changing”.First of all, for the women, Sun Yingsha overtook Chen Meng to become the new world No. 1. This is the first time sun Yingsha has been no. 1 in the world.In 2021, Sun yingsha won the silver MEDALS of women’s singles at the Tokyo Olympics, the World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, and the World Cup finals in Singapore.It is no surprise that She is no. 1 in the world.Specifically in the world top 10 rankings, Sun Yingsha 7,580 points in the world first, Chen Meng 7,175 points in the world second, Japanese player ITO Mimato 5,216 points in the world third, Wang Manyu 5,011 points in the world fourth.After the women’s singles world top ten are: Wang Yidi fifth, Japan’s Hayata Hina sixth, China Hong Kong’s Du Kailai seventh, Japan’s Ishikawa Kajun eighth, Singapore’s Feng Tianwei ninth, South Korea’s Tian Zhixi tenth.Compared with the previous, Guo Ping’s Liu Shiwen, retired veteran Ding Ning, and semi-retired Zhu Yuling all dropped out of the top 10 ranks.In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong still ranked first in the world with 8,598 points, ma Long second with 5,404 points and Brazil’s Calderano third with 4,913 points.The men’s top 10 is followed by Japan’s Zhang Benzhiwa, Liang Jingkun, Germany’s Okcharov, Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yunru, Germany’s Boll, Xu Xin and Lin Gao Yuan.More surprising is, the country ping veteran Xu Xin from the world’s third position suddenly dropped to the ninth, the drop is larger, can be said to be a big regression!In general, however, ranked only represent part of all players cannot fully reflect the real level, and this two years due to the special situation, the relationship between the ping few opportunities for players to participate in international competition, and Malone, Xu Xin, liu shiwen the three veteran but have missed the last year’s world championships and World Cup final tournament.Malone, Xu Xin, liu shiwen Xu Xin, liu shiwen to enter in 2022, the international table tennis federation’s all kinds of events will be open, in addition to WTT business events, there will be a grand slam tournaments, etc., series of Asia countries hope ping fellow players have more opportunity to go to, you can get more, world rankings can also advance some, for the ping!

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