Unlock!A map has been released showing where people in Lanzhou will set off fireworks for the Lantern Festival this year.

February 4, start of Spring.Dawning east wind, winter Olympics opening, this is China to the world a feast of ice and snow!The “fireworks show” of the Winter Olympics (photo from the Internet), especially with the “five Rings”, “snowflakes” and “Start of Spring”…A unique fireworks brilliant bloom, not only stunning the world, but also the New Year added a different bright.In the upcoming Lantern Festival, the winter Olympics fireworks team visited Lanzhou in person to create the Lantern Festival fireworks festival, so that lanzhou people feast their eyes!It will be the first city-level fireworks event in Lanzhou after the 2022 Spring Festival and the largest fireworks show on the banks of the Yellow River. Gorgeous fireworks will brighten up the night sky of the New Olympic Sports Center.The event will feature 1,000 jellyfish fireworks lighting up the night sky.Fireworks show, lighting the Olympic sports, flowers bloom, help the Winter Olympics, at the same time, the scene of 100 people will light a thousand Gatling together to cheer for the Chinese athletes, more folk intangible cultural heritage “iron flower” live performance, burning mood bloom.In addition, during the event, Lanzhou Wanda City also provided small and safe fireworks for the general public to celebrate the Lights of the Olympic Games and enjoy the Lantern Festival.Of course, Douyin platform released Olympic Games and fireworks video, participate in the topic # 100 ways to hit the Olympic Games and @Lanzhou Wanda City will have a chance to win a popular global ice dun dun pendant!In lanzhou, lanzhou Olympic sports center, rendering the year of the tiger lunar New Year, Olympic sports center stadium lights bright, in power for the ice matches for the games are extravaganza, also entered the countdown to completion, the “flying flowers dance” as the design idea, architecture and landscape clever organization as a whole, are like flowers dancing in the silk road, ups and downs, hand in photograph reflect,In space, it presents a dynamic intention like flying sky, like branches and leaves and flowers, like the Yellow River pentium.Each building is evenly arranged in the land, full of dynamic, focusing on the performance of the speed and rhythm of sports competition.The Construction of the Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center will be completed on March 31, which is expected by nearly 5 million residents.At the same time, Wanda MAO is also under continuous construction. The “Wanao Business Circle” formed by Wanda MAO and The Olympic Sports Center will reshape the cover of Lanzhou city, completely change the urban and commercial pattern of Lanzhou, and become the most influential and radiating urban core of Lanzhou.Wanda MAO is the largest single MALL in Northwest China (refers to the commercial center or the covered MALL integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment and catering with a large scale and a large number of exclusive stores and shops), as well as the most diversified single MALL in northwest China.It includes Ocean Park, ice and snow park, sports park, constant temperature water park and international business center, and this new business area is also an important fulcrum for Wanda to help Lanzhou reshape the urban development pattern and build a central city in the west.Around the Spring Festival of 2022, in response to the country’s call for “300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports,” Lanzhou Wanda City launched the “Experience ice and snow Carnival with three Olympic Champions.”Snow flying saucer, snow around, snow roller, snow tank, ice bumper car, snow bike, snowball fight, snow castle, a variety of dozens of ice and snow events, for Lanzhou to provide a feast of ice and snow, show the charm and passion of ice and snow sports, praise for Lanzhou, refueling for the Winter Olympics!Ice and snow flying, the center will become, this Lantern Festival, of course, is to wanda City display center set off fireworks, together light wanao business circle, go to the beautiful Lanzhou!

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