Chimney facade and sampling platform restoration

1.1 Before the repair and painting of the chimney facade and sampling platform, it shall be checked whether the variety, model, specification and performance of the coating used meet the provisions of the construction technical conditions.Quality is unqualified or metamorphic coating can never be used.1.2 Before painting, the basic composition and performance of the paint as well as the construction method should be understood, and the appropriate painting process should be selected and determined according to the construction requirements of the paint.1.3 Materials for the repair of chimney facade and sampling platform for this project shall be provided by the factory. According to the construction schedule, communicate with the factory supervisor to get paint materials in time.2.2 human resource configuration Company selected technical ability, work a strong sense of responsibility, has the rich construction management experience, strong organization and management ability of comrade as the project manager for the anticorrosion engineering of this project, and organize has solid technical knowledge, rich site construction experience of the project, general before commencing work deep into the construction site, understand the engineering survey and site specific conditions,In order to know.Organize construction teams and make technical disclosure to them.Organize workers with rich experience in high-altitude anti-corrosion and technical operation procedures to enter the construction site.Participating in the construction personnel are experienced workers who have participated in the construction of similar projects.2.2.1 According to the labor quota, our company shall increase the proportion of technicians and skilled workers in the total number of employees on the premise of ensuring the safety, quality and progress of the anticorrosion project.2.2.2 Before the start of construction, all labor insurance supplies shall be complete, and accommodation and accommodation of construction personnel shall be properly arranged.2.2.3 Before the commencement of construction, safety education, civilized construction education and technical disclosure shall be carried out for all the construction participants according to the characteristics of the project, and assessment shall be conducted. Only qualified personnel can start work.3, construction technical measures chimney body anticorrosion, top rust removal: first, the shovel knife on the heavy corrosion part of the eradication, so that the heavy corrosion rust and dust off, and rust removal work, rust removal to gb GB8923 St2 level.Secondly, on the chimney chimney body with bottom paint brush again, dry acceptance and then paint again.Construction technology measures: the project does not take scaffolding, high altitude suspension tower type board section construction operation: 1) on the chimney upper platform above part of the chimney wall concrete surface with 16mm yuan steel and #5 Angle steel n shaped steel ladder, steel ladder head hanging on the chimney top chimney wall, construction personnel along the steel ladder construction operation;2) The concrete surface of the outer wall below the upper platform of the chimney shall be constructed by high altitude suspension operation:That is, the 16mm steel wire rope, along the outer wall of the chimney circle, with steel wire collet fixed on the upper platform of the steel, each construction personnel with the 18mm and the 16mm white brown rope each, the upper end is fixed on the steel wire rope (the 18mm white brown rope, connecting the tower type board,Construction personnel from climbing ladder to the upper platform along the 18mm white brown rope from the suspended construction operation, the 16mm white brown rope for construction personnel double insurance use), the other end of the two white brown rope is fixed on the lower platform of the chimney.Construction operation, in the upper part of the chimney steel platform fixed a simple raking rod, raking rod fixed 1T pulley a, with the white brown rope 18mm vertical transportation construction machinery, material paint, etc..(Machinery and tools, materials, paint in vertical transportation, all adopt cage transportation).

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