Distant or present?Rollins vows to win WWE championship at Chamber of Secrets!

(Want to watch the 2022 chamber cage elimination contest for free, please pay attention to fall xiaohui, and then private chat, or message, when free, attention, the best private chat!)RAW superstar Seth Rollins is determined to become a WWE champion for the third time this Sunday in the Cage Elimination contest.Vision master’s last world championship race was in January at the Grand Royal.He competed with his former Shield brother, Roman Raines, for the world championship.Although the competition ended with rollins’ disqualification victory, the tribal chief retained his title.Seth Rollins recently sat on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast to discuss all things WWE.Asked what it would be like to reach The chamber of return, The Visionary conceded he had his work cut out for him.But he also said he believed he had earned his place in this year’s main event, WrestleMania.”I hope so, it’s my place,” Rollins said.”I feel like this is my year.I deserve it and we’ll see.””Without the WWE Championship, I don’t think we have any chance of being the main event at Wrestlemania 38.Before Wrestlemania, we had to go to the backroom knockouts, and we had to win, and that wasn’t easy.We all have the same slim chance of leaving there as champions.”Most WWE events in Saudi Arabia have little impact on the current weekly programming and are widely regarded by WWE fans as glorified live events.(Simply put, it is deliberately played for the patrons of the father, they want to see what, give them, and the original plot has little to do with!)But since WWE hosts a PPV on time every month, and that PPV is on the road to WrestleMania, the results of the show will also be important for fans of WrestleMania 38, which takes place in April.Here’s the list for this Sunday’s Locked room eliminators: 619 Master Rell VS Miez, Drew MacIntyre VS Rave Moss (and watch out for happy Corbin!)The Uso brothers will defend the SD doubles title against the Viking Warriors!Charlotte and Sonia vs. Ronda and Rossi and Naomi!Becky Lynch will defend his RAW Women’s title against her childhood idol Rita!6 prizes of RAW women’s champion wrestlemania 38 first challenger qualifier also identified the candidate, nicky A.S.H, bianca Bella, small hag chambliss, dew, liv Morgan, and LeiYaLei split, Roman defending world champion against goldberg, bobby Leslie also against brock rice in the chamber of secrets, Rawlings, AJ stiles, riddle,And Austin theory to defend his regained WWE championship!Last but not least, rollins should not be dismissed as the winner of the PPV.Yes, Rollins should be the last to be overlooked, he should have won the WWE championship in the orientation contest, because the contest started out as winning the challenge contract, but ended up being robbed by the big boo!Yes, he should have won the World Championship at The Royal as he is the most likely and deserving person to beat Roman in WWE right now, but Roman still holds the belt crosshanded!So is he still the one who deserves it in the chamber of Secrets?Sorry, my answer is still “no.” Since he was not drafted, he is not the right person to be on the way to Wrestlemania, at least in this big tournament.Because in this fight, it’s probably Not David’s turn, not to mention Bobby who just got back to being the WWE champion!It’s not as big a deal as it used to be. After all, this is a time when individual stories are more important than the value of the title. When Big E became WWE champion, it was more like someone else’s upgrade package.But rollins, having failed at his best two chances, feels that his pre-Wrestlemania title will only be lost at Wrestlemania, as the plot set for him now is not nearly as strong as it was before the Royal!Of course he is the most deserving champion, personally feel he should be more than Roman’s choice!But not this time, however, the future is definitely possible, or wrestlemania 38, as he said, this year is his year, just hasn’t started yet!His fans don’t feel bad either, look at ko-fat’s current situation, by comparison, Rollins is OK now!Hope you will like and support his works!Welcome to comment, like or ridicule!The most important thing is to get your subscriptions!Every little subscription from you is the most important encouragement for Xiaohui to go on!Thank you!Subscribe after a day of updates, don’t get lost!Free PPV contest every month!

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