Xi ‘an second batch of guided price area clinched a deal bleak, many dishes hang zero!

In October last year, Xi ‘an Housing Construction released the second batch of second-hand housing price guide residential list, a total of 103, the lowest average price of 12,000 / square meters.More than 100 days passed, the turnover of these small areas after all how?Can only use bleak to describe, in Xi ‘an housing price ceiling – “Qujiang + high-tech” as an example, the transaction of more than 10 sets of community is very rare, most only 2, 3 sets, hanging zero community is many.High-tech Shangdu, Yicui Park, Dahua Qujiang Park, Zhonghai View park and other popular real estate more than 100 days almost “zero transaction”, some landlords recently began to take the initiative to reduce prices, with price in exchange for volume, cashed out as soon as possible.Pay attention to “how about this house”, bring you to know the latest property information in Xi ‘an ~ # Xi ‘an property market #

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