Early acquaintance with the gentleman: the song of the man of the shark sounded for the third time, men and women main marriage, long meaning into a deep sleep

How many famous scenes are there in the first acquaintance with you?That is really too many to count, but if it comes to which scene is the most impressive, long meaning singing the song of man-eaters is definitely on the list, because in the whole story, this song can be said to witness the best few moments between Ji Yunhe and long meaning, then you know which moments?If the small day is not wrong, in the story of “met with jun”, the song of the shark should be on stage three times, let’s look at it together.For the first time:Within ten square, for the birds singing in the film and television play version, is within 10 square JiYunHe and long real promise, meaning they saw here for love persistent, jade with demon, can see her on ning early if not put, also brought a glimmer of hope for her at the same time, therefore, of the demon saw the birds “ning if early, is then trapped in ten square dancing jade bird for a long time.And long meaning in looked at the bluebird and listened to the words of Ji Yunhe, the first time to sing a song, after he finished singing, Ji Yunhe asked: what is this song?Long meaning answer: the song of shark, praise freedom.Lyrics are very beautiful, dance is also very beautiful, long Yi song is more pleasant to listen to, so Ji Yunhe decided the future of the road she wants to go down with this big tail barfish, but, the story behind is actually on the road to open abuse, so that Ji Yunhe and long Yi experienced a lot of pain.The second time: for Ji Yunhe not hurt, sing to “Shunde Xianji” as for this second time, nature is long meaning for Ji Yunhe no longer hurt, promised to sing for Shunde Xianji.Actually according to the original description, whipping JiYunHe seal is Lin Haoqing, and long meaning also not kneel down, he just want in shunde cut JiYunHe tongue when opening actively, and with singing conquered everyone’s ears, and let all the people present are quiet at this time of the singing, thus, shark person with a beautiful song, is definitely not talking.If only from the strict sense, long this time singing, also is not actually singing shunde satinique, but singing JiYunHe listen to, because in the long view, meaning JiYunHe like the wind, is supposed to wind free, at the same time, he has also promised to will to sing this song for her, so the old seems to sing songs, shunde is actually sing to JiYunHe one,But because of this one difference, later in the story, the young genius will find it too difficult for the two to get together.The third time: The big wedding, coax Ji Yunhe to sing because when this song is played for the third time, Chang Yi’s life also comes to an end.As for the reason, nature is the eruption of the molten lava, long meaning using excessive technique, which was seriously injured, but in order to treat the heart injured Ji Yunhe, long meaning did not take good treatment, but also on the seabed with Ji Yunhe, the one and the other, his injury is more serious up.He also met at this time is the most depressing demonization of shunde, because engulfed the bluebird and JiChengYu, her force value directly soared, therefore, long meaning was finally caught, shunde injured but in order not to bring trouble JiYunHe, in the case of successive badly, buddhist mansion in the dungeon, long and shunde fighting again, make each other serious injuries, and he is also, on the verge of oil as light isThe meridians are frozen, only 10 days from sleeping.During these 10 days, he and Ji Yunhe were busy, but on the third day, they had a simple wedding. That night, Chang Yi sang again, lulling Ji Yunhe to sleep with his own songs, but the sharp ice on his finger seemed to tell him that his time was running out.Sure enough, after this night, Long yi fell into a deep sleep, Ji Yunhe’s world collapsed, but she did not show half a point.See here, small day feel no matter be original work, still be about to have these plot “with gentleman at the beginning of acquaintance”, want to have a strong heart, just can see, it is too abuse ah!Yu Jun: the original character will be online soon, is it a rival in love or a boost? Is ji yunhe’s 6 years worth it?”And you” sweet and abuse, thought long meaning singing change kneel, but I do not know and affectionate confessions and you met the first 14 update, the more beautiful the more abuse heart, nine tail ji Yunhe online

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