Public opinion uproar!Japanese foreign minister takes 20 Ukrainian refugees back to Japan on special plane

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi recently visited Poland to coordinate the reception of Ukrainian refugees, and 20 Ukrainian refugees returned home with Hayashi on a Japanese government plane On Friday.It was supposed to be a gesture, but TV Asahi reported that a Japanese woman who was taking refuge in Lviv, Ukraine, complained that when she consulted the Japanese embassy, she was told she could not travel to Japan on a government plane because of her nationality.The news sparked controversy online in Japan, with one netizen saying, “This is so Japanese.”A Japanese government plane took off from Poland On Thursday, local time, according to TV Asahi. The woman, who has two daughters with her Ukrainian husband, holds Japanese nationality.According to the woman, the Japanese embassy responded to her inquiry about whether she could fly to Japan on a government plane by saying, “The program is only for Ukrainians seeking asylum in Japan, and Japanese nationals are not eligible.””We live on the salary of our Ukrainian husband,” the woman told TV Asahi. “Air tickets to Japan are very expensive for us.”In a separate development, a 28-year-old Ukrainian asylum seeker in Poland said he applied to the Japanese embassy to fly to Japan on a government plane, but was told he could not take the plane without being given a reason.In an interview with TV Asahi, a Japanese government official said that there is no evidence that a Japanese woman was not allowed to take a government plane based on her nationality, adding that the criteria for taking the plane were those who could not take refuge due to financial difficulties.The TV Asahi report stirred controversy online in Japan, with scores of netizens criticizing the Japanese government for allegedly belittling its citizens.”If it is true that refugees with Japanese nationality are not allowed to fly (on government planes), the Kishida government will have no excuse even if it is criticized for giving up on protecting Japanese nationals.We cannot leave the country to the LDP.One of the hostages asked, “A family of four living in Ukraine is now refugees. Why can’t they take a government plane? They are citizens of Ukraine.”Watching TV Asahi’s report, some people said, “It is too Japanese to let only 20 people on a special plane that can accommodate 150 people, while saying we want to do good deeds.Who is this mission for?”Some criticized, The Japanese government does not help the Japanese?It seems that Japanese politics, like Corporate Japan, are superficial.Another netizen commented, “I understand that The Japanese government does not give priority to Japanese citizens.Is it as long as it looks shiny?I think there is something wrong with a country that does not love its citizens.Original title: The Japanese foreign minister took 20 Ukrainian refugees back to this matter, was “reported”

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