We will create a safer working and living environment

Liang Sheng 2021, bureau of zhunyi emergency in zunyi municipal party committee and municipal government under the strong leadership of the joint efforts of all departments at all levels in the city, the overall development and safety, adhere to the “people first, life is the highest”, the city’s production safety, prevention and control of natural disasters, such as emergency ChuTu rescue has made remarkable achievements, for the people in the city to build a more secure production and living environment.The city’s 2,725 enterprises, 4,663 government organs, public institutions and social units, 95,837 nine small places, small and micro enterprises have established the “three lists” to fully realize the “list management” and “list policy”.Strictly implement the “double control” system of “weekly scheduling, monthly notification, quarterly assessment” and the “red-yellow listing system”, and promote the 2,725 high-risk and regulated enterprises in the city to be included in the system control;Special measures have been carried out in hazardous chemicals, fireworks, underground mines, tailings ponds, road transportation, liquor and other industries to urge enterprises to strengthen on-site control, comprehensively eliminate hidden dangers, and increase financial input to reduce safety risks.We will make innovations in inter-county cross-examination, targeted physical examination, joint examination and other means to find and solve prominent problems exposed in our work, and continue to strengthen areas of weakness………………….In 2021, adhere to safety rectification of three benefits in action as the main hand, to create a national security development city as the breakthrough point, the focus on the responsibility to implement, mechanisms, source control, regulatory enforcement and rectification, the “listing” management, thrift and strengthening the propaganda and education and chase asked nine aspects, such as, production safety achievements:The number of workplace accidents and deaths decreased by 21.6% and 16.67% year-on-year, respectively. There were no major or major workplace accidents, and the number of workplace accidents and deaths declined for 18 consecutive years, and there were no major workplace accidents for nine consecutive years.It is worth mentioning that in the special rectification of road traffic safety, since the special rectification action was launched at the end of April 2021, Zunyi city has consolidated the responsibility of regional management of traffic safety by focusing on the five aspects of “people, vehicles, roads, enterprises and government”, and conducted in-depth investigation and rectification of prominent risks and hidden dangers.The number of deaths from road traffic accidents in The city decreased by 34.53% year on year, the death rate of 10,000 vehicles decreased by 3.54%, and the proportion of road transport accidents in production safety accidents decreased by 18%.In 2021, Zunyi suffered from natural disasters such as flood, hail, cryogenic freezing and geological disasters, causing disaster in all 15 counties (cities and districts) of the city.The city’s emergency management system made joint efforts in pre-disaster prevention, in-disaster response and post-disaster relief, and kept the bottom line of avoiding large-scale poverty caused by disasters and returning to poverty.In 2021, zunyi City emergency Management Bureau will strengthen overall deployment, base number mapping, risk monitoring, research and judgment supervision and position construction to do a good job in pre-disaster prevention.By timely issuing disaster warning, launching emergency response, and timely responding to the “three timely” disasters, 165 warning and forecast signals of various kinds were issued, and more than 110,000 warning messages were sent. Nine municipal natural disaster emergency responses were launched, and 3,224 people were urgently relocated and 10,934 people were urgently evacuated.Zunyi City emergency Management Bureau also through accurate disaster reporting, accurate guidance of post-disaster reconstruction, accurate winter and spring relief, accurate post-disaster settlement of the “four precision” post-disaster relief.In 2021, the Zunyi City Emergency Management Bureau helped 83 disaster-damaged households rebuild their houses, and 2,629 disaster-affected households repair their houses.The city’s catastrophe insurance claims have been settled for 13,514 families, and the insurance claims have been realized for 21.5771 million yuan. The number of urban incremental insurance participants has reached nearly 800,000, and the proportion of incremental insurance participants has reached 59%.In terms of emergency response, In 2021, Zunyi city paid close attention to the construction of mechanism system, rescue team, communication capacity, rescue capacity and material and equipment system. In the face of various emergencies, 403 emergency rescue teams were dispatched and 13,670 emergency rescue personnel were dispatched.We effectively dealt with the “7·5” incident in Wuchuan Dazhuyuan Bauxite mine and the “8·8” incident in Suiyang, and other emergencies.Special rectification “six innovations” to promote the three-year action through the use of big data “TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” ID card for tractors (including variant tractors) and hanging tractors from other provinces to carry out effective safety supervision;Popularize the application of “Small consumer APP” and “emergency management grid APP” to carry out information security supervision of “nine small places”, organs and public institutions;Fenggang County has perfected the grass-roots emergency management system according to the requirements of establishing “one office, one team, one warehouse” at township level and “one station, one room, one member” at village (community) level.Xishui county implements township (street), department party and government chief safety production “double report” system, to each town (street), safety committee member units to carry out the “yellow card safety” system;Xinpu New Area actively created “demonstration village”, the safety production, emergency management into the village rules and regulations to implement the points system management;…………………Various departments in Zunyi city continue to promote the establishment of long-term safety production mechanism.Since the implementation of the three-year action of special rectification of work safety in Zunyi city in May 2020, “six innovations” have been realized, including the innovation of three-year action task mechanism, innovation of list management mechanism, innovation of “double control” system construction, innovation of grassroots grid mechanism, innovation of disaster relief mechanism and innovation of long-term mechanism of work safety.We will innovate the three-year action task mechanism.On the basis of the overall implementation plan framework of “1+2+14”, Zunyi city added “agricultural machinery special” and issued “liquor industry special regulation”, forming the key implementation plan of three-year action regulation with Zunyi characteristics.We will innovate the list management mechanism.On the basis of the national and provincial requirements for the establishment of “two lists” of hidden problems and institutional measures, the establishment of “enterprise basic information ledger list” has been proposed to realize “list-based management, list-based promotion and list-based supervision” in three years of action.Innovate the construction of “dual control” system.Using the “safety cloud” technology, the company has established the hierarchical management and control system of production safety risks and the hidden trouble investigation and management system (the “double control” system), and has strongly promoted the construction of the “double control” system in key industries and enterprises.Innovate the basic grid mechanism.The province took the lead in implementing and continuously promoting the grid construction of “six levels and six coverage”, extended the safety responsibility system to the level of village groups, and built a new pattern of “work carried out at the front line, responsibility implemented at the front line, propaganda and education promoted at the front line, risk control at the front line, hidden trouble at the front line remediation”.We will make innovations in disaster relief mechanisms.The “catastrophe insurance” with Zunyi characteristics was innovatively put forward in the whole province to improve rural disaster prevention and mitigation ability, safety awareness and insurance awareness.Up to now, the city’s voluntary insurance “catastrophe insurance” up to 790,000 households, insurance rate of 59%.”The New Year, zhunyi emergency management system will continue to carry out rectification action three years of production safety, strive to promote the development of the national security demonstration city construction, establishing comprehensive city safety risk monitoring and early warning system, continue to pay special attention to the key industries safety regulation, further improve and rationalize the disaster prevention and mitigation system, enhance the response capacity to prevent natural disasters,We will continue to improve the emergency management system, continuously improve the ability to deal with emergencies, and make every effort to protect people’s lives.”Zunyi City emergency management Bureau party secretary, director Shu Jie said.

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