What’s the difference between $200 and $2000 perm at the barbershop?Chinese New Year hot hair coloring essential secrets!

After the off-year, the year is getting closer and closer.Many people start early to buy new clothes for the New Year.Of course, for many female friends, the most indispensable “New Year’s day three sets”, ironing hair is one of the necessary.Dye hair, perm, the United States is the United States, but at the same time there are many concerns.What’s the difference between a $200 perm and a $2,000 hair dye?Does it cause cancer?Hair loss?What is the truth? Let’s learn today.200 yuan and 2000 yuan perm hair color difference?Search believes there are a lot of people to be able to ask: choose more expensive ironing to dye hair is the harm to the hair smaller?The hair dye with a bit expensive medicament composition is plant sex composition is given priority to mostly, damage to hair quality is lesser, and a few cheaper basically is chemical composition, the damage to the hair is bigger.Final effect For many hair dyes, the color control is higher, the color and color dyed out better.And a little more expensive perm agent to make the effect and durability will be better.The most important factor to decide the price: experience and technology generally speaking, experienced hair stylist to dye ironing agent action time control and deployment of dosage is more accurate, the damage to the hair quality and the final effect are crucial.In addition, barbershop location, urban consumption level, barbershop consumer group positioning is also an important factor affecting the price.If the hair quality is poor and the economy is rich, you can choose a little more expensive dye perm, if the stylist is experienced enough, people with good hair can also choose the general price.But no matter what price dye perm, can cause damage to hair, had better not exceed 2 times a year.Which is more harmful, perm or hair color?Search for a more concerned: can perm and hair color be done at the same time?Which is more harmful?Say a conclusion first: dye hair and perm cannot undertake at the same time, both have very big damage to hair quality, should be separated two weeks above, and the harm of dye hair should be greater than perm.The harm of hair dye to the human body mainly comes from hair dye, some light hair color also need to carry out bleaching on the hair first, which contains chemical components such as phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide.Hair colorants in direct contact with the scalp can irritate the scalp and damage the health of hair follicles, leading to hair loss.And the oxidant that bleaching agent place contains and alkaline catalyst can damage wool scale, make hair qualitative damage, become dry hair impetuous.Hair colorants contain a variety of carcinogens such as heavy metals, aniline, phenol and hydrogen peroxide. So far, there is no clear conclusion about the carcinogenicity of hair colorants, but the trend conclusion is that hair colorants have potential carcinogenicity, and long-term frequent exposure may increase the risk of cancer.A 2008 report by the International Center for Research on Cancer found that occupational exposure to hair colorants may cause cancer, and animal studies have shown that long-term use of hair colorants can cause sperm abnormalities in mice.The dangers of perming are related to the way your hair is permed: only the ends or all the way from root to tip.The damage to your hair varies depending on how you do it.The hair is dry namely after growing in hair follicle, and dry hair is the keratin cell that has died actually, itself won’t consume nutrition, accordingly, the hair that hot hair tip affected hair tip only is qualitative, what harm can not have to scalp.If you perm the roots, it can affect hair follicle health, causing dandruff or hair loss.In addition, the harm of dyeing perm on the hair also has a certain relationship with the hair stylist, as the technique of medicine, the amount of medicine and residence time need to be judged by the hair stylist, if the control is not good, the damage to the hair is much larger than the normal use.Who is not recommended to perm hair dyeing?Search scalp or the crowd with unhealthy hair quality scalp has the crowd of skin damage such as furunculosis, sore, folliculitis, a large number of trichomadosis and hair quality dry fork easy to break (including outdoor workers and severe illness at the beginning of the more) unfavorable hot dye hair.People with allergic constitution have urticaria, eczema, allergic rhinitis and asthma and other diseases allergic constitution had better not hot hair, in addition, do not hot hair perm components of the crowd allergic.Pregnancy and postpartum women within half a year of pregnancy and postpartum female endocrine system changes, easy to hair loss, fragile hair, can not withstand the damage of hot dye, and some chemicals are not conducive to fetal health, may cause fetal development disorders or teratogen.Minors are in the growth period, dyeing perm will affect the normal growth of hair, and children and teenagers are sensitive to heavy metals and chemical components in hair dye, it is not recommended to perm hair.In addition, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease are not recommended to perm and dye their hair.What are the precautions of dyeing perm?Search on the selection of hair dye should as far as possible to choose toxicity, less irritating hair dye, such as plant hair dye.If you need to choose a synthetic hair colorant, try to choose a product containing less than 2% p-phenylenediamine (6% p-phenylenediamine concentration is still sensitized).Select qualified products with complete packaging, clear information printing and relevant quality certification. If imported products are used, both Chinese and English labels are required.Skin allergy test should take a small amount of hair dye or perm agent on the inside of the arm or behind the ear, no itching, pain or blisters and other abnormal reactions within 48 hours, then dyeing perm.Hair care Two weeks before the perm to start hair care, ensure that the hair is in good condition.Don’t wash your hair two days before you dye it. The oils secreted by your hair protect your hair and scalp, while the oils and dust trapped on your hair won’t affect the effect of your hair color.Different perms can damage your hair differently from person to person. Test a strand of hair first to see if it changes color, sticks, hardens or breaks. If this happens, delay the perm or use a milder perm.Above all whether it be a dye or perm has certain harm to the human body can not don’t dye and dyeing hot or control number and interval dyeing hot best don’t more than 2 times a year interval is too short to take good care of hair after dyeing hot repair damaged hair this article reprinted from WeChat public “science” of China experts: wang, fujian medical university, professor, doctoral supervisor

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